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DermaRollers Micro-Needle Roller You Can Use at Home

DermRollers Micro-Needle Roller You Can Use at Home

OMG I can't believe I'm publishing these photos of me with hardly any makeup and looking like I need a hairdresser urgently! Well, that is because I do need to visit my hairdresser but I'm growing my hair out so I have to just suck that up I'm afraid. I'm also an authentic blogger and I'm not going to tart up a beauty post and tell my readers something fake. I have been trialling a derma roller micro-needler produced by a company called DermRollers. And, by the way, they did supply me the roller so heads up on that, and I did tell them that the review would be honest.

I've never had a derma roller micro-needler on my face in all my years, so this was the first time for me. I chose a finer needle 0.5 mm, which is perfect for fine lines and dark spots. Well I have more than fine lines as I'm pushing 60 and to be honest I was not expecting much difference by using this product. To date, I have used it 4 sessions, and I am delighted with the results. They may not be glaringly obvious in my photos below (the before on the left) however I can notice a difference and it is only early days so far. I will update this post in another month to see how I'm travelling.

derma rollers

DermRoller is a hand-held device that is also known as a micro-needle roller. It is a minimally invasive treatment that works by gliding across the skin to create thousands of pricks/minuscule holes. This controlled skin injury prompts the body to heal these micro-wounds by releasing collagen and elastin, which allows brand new and healthy tissue to replace the imperfections or damage to older weary skin.

I have not had any bleeding with my home treatments and nor have I found the process to be too uncomfortable. One thing I am vigilant about is cleaning the roller in alcohol, making sure you do that after each use if you buy one.

DermRollers claim that through testing, they have found that regular use will treat common problems such as wrinkles, skin aging, noticeable scars, cellulite treatment, stretch marks, hair regeneration and pigmentation issues. In between treatments treat your skin with Vitamin E oil to help nourish.

The roller is comfortable to use and comes in a sturdy case.

My verdict? Yes, I am noticing a difference and I will continue to use my roller once a week.

You can check out the range on the website and check out their blog for more information on dermarollers.


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