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EatClub Partners With Hospitality Outlets for People Working At Home

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The GREAT ‘Lunch Out’: Aussie app EatClub partners with hospitality outlets across Sydney and Melbourne to get people working from home out for lunch

EatClub has partnered with restaurants across Melbourne and Sydney to offer lunch deals to drive post lockdown sales and get more people working from home out for lunch.

Labelled the GREAT ‘Lunch Out’, the event will run for two weeks from Wednesday 17 November to 1 December and includes a range of fabulous lunch offers across a variety of restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney.

According to Pan Koutlakis, this is an opportunity to help hospitality outlets across Sydney and Melbourne increase their foot traffic after long two years of lockdowns.

“The hospitality sector really needs our help right now,” Koutlakis said.

“We need everyone to help us and eat out for lunch over the next few weeks. Take advantage of all the great lunch offers that we have available and support a local business.

“The GREAT ‘Lunch Out’ is designed to provide workers who used to go out for lunch when they worked in the CBD with a great excuse to explore new lunch spots near their homes. Getting some fresh air, spending a bit of money and discovering what our wonderful food and dining outlets have to offer.”

Pan Koutlakis is the founder and CEO of EatClub, an innovative app that enables restaurants to push out meal deals and other special offers directly to customers. It is currently the only platform at scale to give restaurants the power and control to post and manage granular deals in real time. EatClub allows businesses to harness the power of big data and machine learning to drive sales and make data driven decisions on the deals they post resulting in the most customers at the lowest possible cost.

“To get involved and take advantage of our amazing range of lunch deals, simply download the EatClub app and find your closest participating restaurant or food outlet,” Koutlakis said.

“Deals start as low as $7. When you consider what $7 buys nowadays, not a ticket to the movies, a cocktail or even a pint of craft beer, it’s incredible value.

“There’s plenty of variety with each venue serving up different lunchtime meal deals across a range of cuisines, including vegetarian and vegan options.

“In Melbourne, it’s vermicelli salad bowls with a soft drink from Giant Viet in St Kilda for $7, burgers from Boy & Co in Malvern for $7 and tacos with a soft drink for $10 from Sardi Cafe in Hawthorn.

“In Sydney, there’s a burger and soft drink deal from Slide and Shake in Neutral Bay for $7, smashed avocado bruschetta with a soft drink from The Blue Cafe in Bondi for $10 and kafka roll, chips and soft drink from Oricco in Dulwich Hill.

“The offers are exclusive to EatClub members so if you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, simply check out or download the app to explore $7 and $10 lunchtime meal deals near you.”

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