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Finding Culture That Will Inspire You

Finding Culture That Will Inspire You

We all have our preferences in terms of what live events we would love to attend, and who we wish to support. Of course, this might look very different from one person to another. But often, we go to satisfy the same emotions, be that looking for entertainment, to make memories, to support an artist, to better ourselves and attend talks that help us think. Finding shows that will inspire you can often help you think differently about your life, feel a deep emotional change, or perhaps simply feel moving to the core.

For that reason, we want to collect a list of excellent shows you might wish to visit, alone or with a friend group. We’re going to consider shows that might help you shock out of your stagnant, perhaps slightly bored theatre-going experience thus far, and give you something much more dynamic, much deeper, something you can look forward to.

No matter if you’re hoping to gift access to this event or go yourself, we hope the following advice can help everyone experiencing something worthwhile:

Find A Spectacle

It’s often easy to look down on a large spectacle as being loud, brash, over the top. We somehow like to think that pure inspiration can be in the smallest, everyday thing, and to an extent that’s true. But this shouldn’t discount the absolute wonder and true inspiration you can see from raw talent, such as finding Lady Gaga tickets or seeing an orchestra live with its truly incredible acoustics. A spectacle can often connect with us deeply, and help us feel amazed, enthralled, engaged, and as if you wish to partake in something like that yourself. You might even attend a truly magnificent ballet, or circus showing, or theatre play. You deserve to see real talent in action, because if there’s no one to witness it, talent in all its forms becomes numb.

Search For Inspiration

It might be that attending something you’re a fan of can help you connect to that more. Seeing two public intellectuals debate might be more your speed, heading to a live poetry reading, or even attending a book signing can all have positive impacts on how you feel and who you feel necessary to appreciate. You’d be surprised just what a positive impact this can have on you, how it might even help your personal or professional development.


Museums are criminally underrated in the modern day, as they always have been. When you consider just what a museum entails, it’s quite astonishing to think about. Often, they will show free or low-cost demonstrations of historical apparatus, or allow you to learn more about a certain period. They will continually change up their offering to show new and interesting information, curated by experts, and constantly be on the lookout for more displays and more preserved artifacts to show. Attend a museum if you haven’t for some time. If it doesn’t move you, you’re likely made of stone.

With these tips, we hope inspiration will come knocking soon.


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