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Free Your Feet: 5 Perks on Walking in Barefoot Sandals

For many Australians, summer means spending more time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, and exploring the vast landscapes our country has to offer. Whether it's strolling along the iconic Sydney Harbour or hitting the beautiful beaches across the nation, keeping our feet healthy and comfortable is essential to keep up with all the outdoor activities this time of year.

feet walking on beach

Interestingly, the rise of barefoot shoes introduces a unique approach to footwear, emphasising the importance of natural foot health and comfort. Contrary to the belief that these shoes are limited to athletic endeavours, they offer a broader appeal.

This brings us to the innovative concept of barefoot sandals, which merge the principles of barefoot shoes with the open design of sandals, highlighting that foot health can be a priority in any season, especially during the heat. They offer all the benefits of barefoot shoes in designs perfectly suited for hot weather. By blending the fundamental qualities of barefoot shoes with the breathability needed for summer, these sandals present an ideal solution for the Australian climate.

They come in a variety of styles, from trendy and versatile designs, to more minimalist options. No matter your preference, there's a pair of barefoot sandals waiting to take your summer footwear to the next level.

Let's delve into 5 reasons why you might want to consider making the switch to barefoot sandals this summer...

1. Comfort and Incomparable Warm-Weather Style

The Australian summer sun beckons us to shed our layers and embrace lighter clothing – and footwear is no exception. However, traditional summer footwear options like flip-flops and sandals come with a few drawbacks.

flip flops

Flip flops, while convenient, can cause discomfort between the toes from constant rubbing and strained muscles from the toes needing to grip just to keep the shoes from falling off. These discomforts may seem small at first, but they can become especially pronounced with extended wear.

Strapped sandals on the other hand offer more support, but they can restrict natural toe movement and some may come with raised heels which can affect posture over time. Many people are familiar with the painful experience of straps digging into their sore feet after a night out in high-heeled shoes. Casual daytime sandals with a slight heel can cause similar foot issues if worn often enough, making it an issue worth addressing.

Barefoot sandals offer a refreshing alternative that incorporates comfort and natural foot design with style so you don't have to compromise on looking your best.

2. Foot Protection with a Barefoot Feel

One of the biggest concerns many people have with barefoot footwear, especially sandals, is the lack of protection for the soles of their feet. Hot sand on the beach, sharp rocks on a trail, or uneven pavements in the city can all pose a challenge for unprotected feet.

Many barefoot shoe brands address this concern by offering a thin yet protective layer between your feet and the ground. This sole, typically around 4mm in thickness, is enough to shield your feet from hot surfaces, sharp objects, and everyday wear and tear, while still maintaining the ground feel and flexibility barefoot shoes are known for.

This thin sole also allows for better sensory feedback from the ground, which stimulates the nerve endings in your feet and enhances your proprioception (your body's awareness of its position in space).

But more about this later in the article…

3. Muscle Engagement, Posture, and Natural Gait

Many traditional sandals, particularly those with cushioned soles or raised heels, can alter the natural gait and movement of your feet. This can lead to weakened foot muscles, poor posture, and even pain in the knees, lower back, and hips over time.

Barefoot sandals, however, encourage a more natural gait and foot strike by mimicking the barefoot experience. The thin, flexible sole allows your feet to bend and move freely which engages the muscles in your feet, ankles, and even calves more effectively. This increased muscle activation helps to strengthen and stabilize your feet, leading to better balance, posture, and overall foot health.

The lack of a raised heel in barefoot shoes allows your body to maintain its natural alignment, which can further contribute to improved posture and reduced strain. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who spend a lot of time standing or walking, as it can help to prevent fatigue and discomfort.

barefoot sandals australia

4. Improved Balance and Proprioception

As mentioned earlier, the thin sole of barefoot sandals allows for better sensory feedback from the ground. This information, received by the nerve endings in your feet, is crucial for your body's proprioception: essentially your awareness of your body's position and movement in space.

Enhanced proprioception has several benefits, one of the most important being improved balance. With a better understanding of where your body is positioned and how it interacts with the ground, you can adjust your posture and movements more effectively. This can significantly reduce your risk of slips and falls, especially on uneven terrain or during activities that require good balance, like hiking or yoga.

Furthermore, improved proprioception can also enhance coordination and agility. This can be beneficial for everyday tasks like walking or climbing stairs to more demanding physical pursuits like running or playing sports. By allowing your body to receive and process sensory information from the ground more efficiently, barefoot sandals can help improve overall movement and performance.

5. Potential for Reduced Pain and Improved Foot Health

Many people experience common foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and bunions. These issues can often be linked to improper footwear choices that restrict natural foot movement and weaken the muscles that support the foot structure.

While barefoot sandals are not a guaranteed cure for any foot condition, they may offer potential benefits for improving overall foot health and preventing some foot conditions. As OzBarefoot mentioned in their detailed article on barefoot shoe health benefits, by promoting natural foot movement and muscle engagement, barefoot shoes can help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in your feet and ankles. This in turn can lead to better stability and support.


If you're looking for a proactive way to care for your feet so you can adventure all summer long free of pain, barefoot sandals are well worth considering.

They'll keep you cool, comfortable, and contribute to greater overall well-being.

With a diverse range of styles available, there's a perfect pair of barefoot sandals waiting to elevate your summer footwear game. So, why not explore this exciting trend and experience the feeling of foot freedom for yourself?


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