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G x G Collective Australian Jewellery Brand Founded by Fashion Agents Phoebes & Robert Garland

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G x G Collective is an Australian jewellery lifestyle brand founded by fashion agents Phoebes & Robert Garland.

After years of running their fashion agency and with many years of experience in fashion and sales, they identified a gap in the market for jewellery pieces with semi-precious stones mainly under a $69.99 RRP with the majority of the range under $49.99 RRP and $39.99 RRP.

G x G Collective offers a beautifully curated range of jewellery specialising in earrings, due to the demand and rise in sales. Our stones are all natural and include Freshwater Pearls, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amethyst, Quartz, Amazonite, Chalcedony and Turquoise. The brand came about with Phoebe’s love of jewellery which stemmed from childhood.

Phoebe Garland describes her love for jewellery and how it came about.

“Since I was a small child, I have been obsessed with jewellery, to the point of making my mother promise to friends they would leave pieces in their will for me. Still to this day I am always scouring antique shops looking at unique pieces, “says Phoebe Garland.

But it’s not just the love of jewellery but understanding the business of boutiques and the customer.

“The customer doesn’t just shop on price; we believe she is after value for money and something she loves. The semi-precious stones offer the value for money and also quality in the totality of the pieces. With earrings, there are no fit problems and many retailers have given us feedback that jewellery sales have come to amount to 30% of their business.”

Phoebes continues, “We understand the constraints boutiques have when they get busy, so we look to solve problems for retailers in advance. The earrings are provided on stand-up cards so they can be displayed for sale straight away. The cards have a brand description on the back, making it easier for boutiques to sell at retail and ensuring the customer understands what they are buying. This has been a huge selling point with retailers. We are always looking at packaging options to make it easier for the retailer”.

Jewellery and accessories have become an integral part of the range of many independent boutiques because it’s not subject to so much seasonal discounting, thereby allowing a longer sell through period at retail. We drop new additions every couple of months to keep it fresh.”

G x G is also planning to expand into other categories with scarves, and other accessories also planned.




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