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Innovative fantasy lingerie brand launches in Australia

The pieces in fantasy lingerie company, Lurora’s,

The pieces in fantasy lingerie company, Lurora’s, highly anticipated upcoming collection are set to be voted on by their dedicated community of cosplaying (costume play), geek and nerd fans.

“Our upcoming collection is set to launch in early 2021. However, before we can click go on production, we are putting it to our tribe,” Luora cofounder Kai Hatherly said.

Hatherly is a cosplayer, marketer and self-proclaimed geek who has always had the dream of bringing these three facets of his life together. After being let go from his marketing job due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Hatherly is now working as a game designer and is the proud cofounder of fantasy lingerie company, Lurora.

According to Hatherly, Lurora has created a unique Harry Potter Sorting Hat-style quiz for their customers to be assigned into one of their exclusive three tribes. These are underground groups of like-minded people that have access to events, tribe-specific lingerie and an online community forum.

“Our leading collection is called Snow and features a capsule collection of Elsa and Frozen-inspired pieces. Our community has been excitedly awaiting our first release, so we thought there was no better way to get them involved than to get them to select the one-of-a-kind pieces that we will be released in the collection,” Hatherly added.

“Each piece will be voted on by members of the tribe putting them in the driver’s, or designer’s, seat.”

Lurora is an online boutique devoted to beautiful and finessed fantasy lingerie. Each of the collections of fantasy lingerie is limited edition, and designed to inspire, beguile and seduce.

According to Hatherly, Lurora knows that everyone has their fantasies, and now with their products they are giving consumers that opportunity to look and feel the part. Their lingerie is inspired by popular characters and shows that are common in the geek, pop culture and nerd.

“I embraced my newly found free time following my redundancy, and began working tirelessly to bring Lurora to life in 2020. I am incredibly sex-positive and hope to shine new light onto the idea that men can wear lingerie, alongside our female and non-binary equals,” Hatherly emphasised.

According to Hatherly, the three tribes in Lurora are as unique as the people in them.


Vulperians are on the pulse with the latest in pop culture, and the TV and movie realm. They know who's-who in the celebrity world and have behind-the-scenes knowledge of the biggest shows around. They are binge-watching, TV loving, music pumping people.


Felis tribe members can get lost for hours in video games, and are also lovers of anime, comics and cosplay. They are proudly gamer, web comic, manga reading, cosplaying, anime geeks.


The pieces in fantasy lingerie company, Lurora’s,

Noctuan’s are the book-lovers of the Lurora community. Their tribe are binge reading, book loving, obsessive nerds. Among Nocturans’ current reading ventures are The Lies of Locke Lamora, The Robber Bride, The Book of Longings, and Dark Lover.

“The mission behind Lurora is to be the Disney of lingerie; we want to make lingerie that is magical. All of the collections on Lurora’s website are modelled by male and female cosplayers. In our efforts towards a completely inclusive company of all shapes, sizes, abilities and colours, we are looking to include non-binary and transgender models onto our site in future collections,” Hatherly explained.

“While this is something that we would have liked to have done by now if we had the budget, the priority is to ensure that they are included in our next round of business growth and expansion.

“The Lurora difference is part and parcel with our unique company. For every order Lurora pledge to send free gifts to customers’ door while they wait for their parcels to arrive. As well as, provide a lifetime return policy and a trade system for customers’ to exchange their existing pieces for a new one with no extra cost for price differences.

“We cannot wait to see our community rocking our collections. We are proud of our products and know that they will be treasured by their owners.”

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