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Interior Decor Ideas: Bringing Sydney Vibes into Your Home

Home Decor Ideas

Looking for an inspiration source for a home makeover? You can spend hours searching for design tips and hacks, but not everything you’ll find online or in interior decor magazines will be suited to your own home. So why not look at the city where you live and use it as inspiration for your interior design scheme?

Cities, with their bustling atmospheres and unique characters, are endless sources of creative inspiration – and Sydney is no exception. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways you can celebrate the beauty of Sydney in interior design – and we’ll also tell you how to liven up your home and save money, so make sure you read till the end!

Your City, Your Style

Let’s start with what Sydney means to you. While each inhabitant will have their own favourite places in the city, it’s safe to assume that for many of us Sydney represents surfing, beaches, and, of course, the iconic Opera House. We live in a sunny city with spectacular views and a genuinely international atmosphere. So how can you make those unique Sydney vibes part of your home’s decor scheme? Here’s what we suggest.

Start with Colours

A well-thought-out colour palette is essential for any interior. So what are the colours of Sydney? Our city flag is made up of three colours – white, gold, and blue – so that’s a great starting point for any decor makeover project. Why so? Firstly because these are classic colour choices that will look great in just about any home, and secondly because you can easily follow the timeless 60-30-10 rule when using them in your interior design. White serves as a perfect neutral background and blue makes for a striking secondary colour, while gold is a perfect choice for evocative interior accents.

You can use the exact shades of our flag (see here for the colour codes) or interpret the Sydney colour palette as broadly as you like – for example, you could try using deep shades of mustard, honey, and brown instead of gold.

Make Your Own Photo Wall Art

Nothing expresses your love for Sydney quite like a photo of your favourite city landmark displayed right on the walls of your home. And we’re lucky enough to have quite a few wonderfully photogenic sites in our home city – not only the Opera House but also the Harbour Bridge, Hyde Park Barracks, Queen Victoria Building, and many, many more.

You can try taking photos of these places yourself, or look for professional shots – there’ll be plenty available in online photo banks, either free or subscription-based. Once you’ve found the ideal picture, all you need to do is choose a print format and send your image to print. These days digital photos can be printed in a range of formats – you can choose from canvas prints, posters, prints on acrylic glass or aluminium panels… Each format has its distinctive style, so just think about which will work best for your photos.

Go Big with Canvas Prints or Metal Prints

There are many ways to design a wall art arrangement – sometimes an eclectic gallery wall works best, sometimes all you need to make a statement is a single large-scale print.

Large-scale wall art unleashes its fullest aesthetic potential in a minimalist setting. If you’ve got a whole bare wall that isn’t obstructed by furniture, consider hanging an extra-large wall art piece with a panorama of Sydney’s iconic skyline. It will instantly become a focal point of the room and help to create a contemporary urban ambience in your home.

If you want to go really big with your wall art, we recommend choosing borderless print formats such as canvas prints or metal prints. Adding a decorative frame can make a large print feel a bit overwhelming – a frameless design, on the other hand, will integrate effortlessly with the rest of the room.

Don’t Forget Other Decor Options

There are only so many places in a room where you can display wall art. So what should you do when there’s no more free wall space? Or if you live in a rental and your tenancy agreement explicitly forbids drilling holes to hang pictures?

There are plenty of home decor choices other than wall art, and most of them are movable items that can be displayed almost anywhere. Think throw pillows, decor blankets, rugs, accent chairs, lamps, photo mugs, and so on. For an interior with Sydney vibes, why not try choosing features in our white-blue-gold colour palette and going for natural textures.

Matching these pieces with your wall art will help create a coherent decor scheme in your room. Don’t overdo it though, as too many accessories can make a room look flashy. So if you’ve got lots of pictures that you want to use in your home decor, it’s a good idea to keep some of your pieces in storage and circulate them as the year goes on.


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