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Peggy Sue Sustainable Skincare

Peggy Sue Australia

An Australian skincare and self-care brand, Peggy Sue, is at the forefront of providing unique, clean and simple skincare providing a sustainable way to pamper ourselves. What is unique about this brand is they provide refill options for 95% of their range as they power forward and pioneer a trend to break the consume-and-discard cycle. All of the Australian made products are organic, and packaged in solid printed glass bottles. The intention is for these bottles to be a one off purchase by offering product refills, in an effort to fight the war on waste.

Peggy Sue Sustainable Skincare

I've been using the recently launched Pink Dragonfruit Face Mask. It is easy to wash off and certainly leaves a nice glow on my skin.

Peggy Sue has worked diligently on the formulation of their mask to ensure it includes Pink Clay to give the skin a pleasant detox and draw out toxins, while counter balancing the Pink Clay with the perfect dose of butters and oils to keep the skin hydrated while the clay works its magic. Infused with a massive dose of Vitamin C, this easy-to-wash-off mask brightens your complexion while boosting skin health and overall appearance. The super smooth Pink Vitamin C Serum glides onto the skin like silk and contains all you need for skin that is dewy and plump. Peggy Sue has blended natures finest ingredients including Pink Dragonfruit, Desert Lime and Australian Kakadu Plum to create a luscious organic Vitamin C Serum that is stable and contains fruit extracts that boast the world’s highest levels of Vitamin C.

I'm loving the The Silk Lip Kit ($36 RRP), having suffered parched lips, the last few months Peggy Sue's super sweet Lip Exfoliant removes dry and flaky skin while increasing blood circulation and a nourishing Lip Conditioner that locks in moisture and creates a barrier to protect the lips from outside elements. This was an instant fix for me, and my lips are no longer dry and to me, they appear fuller.

Now that Christmas is approaching, Peggy Sue has made gifting super easy for the upcoming season with their natural, sustainable and ethical Gift-Sets. With sets under $50, $100 and $150 Peggy Sue has provided an option for all budgets, allowing us to gift that someone special with a unique self-care set that encourages our loved ones to slow down and prioritise their own self-care.

Check out the Peggy Sue website for a full range of sustainable beauty products.


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