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Post COVID wedding frenzy: How to enjoy your special day without breaking the bank

weddings on Budget

According to Amanda Mach, women across the country are celebrating the removal of hard borders and already planning their upcoming nuptials.

Mach is the founder of fast growing wedding accessory hire business, The Loop Market, which provides brides with the opportunity to source their stunning accessories for a fraction of the price of buying them.

“We are facing a year of mass weddings in 2021. A lot of women have had to postpone their wedding this year due to restrictions and closed borders. With states and territories now opening up, so too are wedding bookings and plans.

“With so many brides wanting to have their dream wedding without the financial capacity to do it, getting wedding savvy is now a critical area of focus for many women,” Mach said today.

“More than 50 percent of households have experienced a reduction in their income since the pandemic took hold. The reality is that a lot of people have less money to spend on important events like their dream wedding.

“If I can share any advice, it’s don’t compromise on what you want on your wedding day – just get smarter about how you get it.”

Amanda Mach got married to the love of her life in 2016, and while it was a memory that will last a lifetime – there was one detail of the wedding she would rather forget. She is committed to ensuring no bride makes the same mistake that she did in the lead up to her special day.

“In the months before my wedding I scoured the internet for a veil and other hair accessories but I was coming up with the same problem every time when I found one I liked – it was significantly over budget,” Mach said.

“While the pieces that I saw were handmade, high quality and looked stunning, I just could not justify the hefty price tag for something that I would only wear once. I had already spent so much money on the wedding dress I chose and was trying to keep within a budget that my partner and I had set ahead of our big day.

“I ended up buying a veil online for $10 and wore it for the wedding. And from one bride to another, I would say it is the one detail I would change in a heartbeat, if I got the chance, about my special day.”

According to Mach, looking back, although her day was beautiful and nevertheless, memorable, her biggest regret was her veil.

Mach has put together her top five tips to help wannabe brides get the look they want on a shoestring budget.

1. Create a plan and a budget

“Draw up a plan and set a budget. Work out what items you would like to keep forever and pass down to your family and which ones you are prepared to borrow or hire,” Mach said.

“For example, your dress is something you may like to keep. Your shoes can be re-used. Your lingerie will continue to come in handy. Work out what you don’t need to keep. It’s sad to say, but the majority of brides just pack away their items and forget about them. Why waste money on items that you’ll never use again.”

2. Avoid cheap online stores

According to Mach, while the internet is littered with online sites offering cheap yet pretty looking bridal products, don’t get sucked in.

“I have helped brides hire their dream statement pieces who have purchased items online only to find when they arrived in the post they were poor quality and looked cheap,” Mach explained.

3. Hire, hire, hire

“Hiring is a great option especially when it comes to veils and head pieces – even signature necklaces,” Mach said.

“These are highly visible items that should complete your dress. They are also very expensive to buy.

“Hiring items like these through sites such as The Loop Market is a good way to ensure your day is capped off with stunning quality pieces that pop.”

4. Second hand options

“Surprisingly, second hand items can be a good option for brides. For example, I know many brides who have purchased their wedding dress through second hand sites,” Mach said.

“Grooms can also buy second hand suits as well.”

5. Borrow from friends and family

“We all know lots of brides. Some happy, some not so. Many still have their wedding items stored in a box somewhere,” Mach said.

“Put a call out through your family, friends and social networks and see who responds. You never know who has the perfect gloves, or sparkly wedding clutch hiding in their garage!”

Amanda Mach launched The Loop Market in 2019 with the mission to give brides across the country the opportunity to wear premium hair accessories while keeping wedding costs low. Their coveted selection of couture statement pieces continues to grow. All of their pieces are hand-selected, eliminating brides’ burden of restrictive budgets and hassle of reselling items. The Loop Market offers four or seven-day rental options for their collection of handmade hair accessories and veils made from quality materials.

weddings on a budget

The curated collection of accessories range from retail prices of $200 through to $400, allowing brides to rent these pieces for their special day for a fraction of what they would be paying if they had to buy it outright. The Loop Market’s collection has every bride covered, whether they’re a boho bride, or a vintage lover.


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