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Simple Beauty Substitutes for Reducing Carbon Footprint

Simple Beauty Substitutes for Reducing Carbon Foot

Often, we think that we only have to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic to help out in the ongoing environmental problem of trash pollution. But there are simple things which can be done further to help ourselves in reducing our carbon footprint. Even when it comes to beauty care, we can help by following these simple steps. One simple step can go a long way so if you wish to participate, I applaud you!

Makeup Eraser instead of Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup eraser towel allows multiple use and is washable. Makeup remover wipes are like baby wipes, the material is difficult to break down naturally so it’s not good when it pollutes landforms and bodies of water.

Cream Masks instead of Sheet Masks

Similar to makeup remover wipes, sheets masks are for one-time use and can be tough to naturally break down. It also usually comes in plastic packaging. Creams masks are wiser to purchase, too, in terms of spending money. Cream masks are shareable with family and friends, too.

Real Nails instead of Fake Nails

Fake nails are made of acrylic plastic and would contribute to the microplastic problem our environment is facing. Natural nails or getting a manicure is hygienic and can be very relaxing, too. It’s aesthetic is pretty organic and pleasing to the eyes.

Read nails instead of fake nails

Pencil Eyeliner instead of Retractable Eyeliner

The good old pencil eyeliner has a wooden body compared to retractable eyeliner. Retractable eyeliner pencil bodies are made of plastic and are difficult to recycle. This would be applicable to brow pencils, too. Pencil concealers would be a good option as well instead of concealers in plastic containers or tubes.

Cotton Buds with paper stems instead of plastic stems

Need I say more? The plastic in cotton buds are non-recyclable and may contribute to the world’s existing microplastic problem. If they wander off into wildlife, a simply tiny plastic stick may actually harm them.

Wooden or Bamboo Toothbrush instead of Plastic Toothbrush

Again, it is pretty clear that wood would be easier to naturally break down than plastic. Toothbrushes are often replaced after 3-4 months of use after all.

Safety Razors instead of Disposable Razors

Retro and useful, safety razors are full metal products compared to disposable ones with plastic bodies. If you’re not sure how to use a safety razor, then an electric shaver for long-lasting multiple use would be ideal. Epilators and cold wax would be ideal, too.


This post is in collaboration with casuals clothing brand Plain Los Angeles – #PlainLosAngeles. For every purchase, portion of sale goes to tree planting efforts.


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