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Spam calls from the Wine Group

spam calls from the wine group

You probably landed here because you are being inundated by spam calls from the Wine Group, aka Oak Roads Estate. I know the stress the relentless harassment causes. Because they have been spamming my phone relentlessly, sometimes twice a day. No matter how many times I blocked the number they ring on another similar number.

The person who is ringing is the fictional, James. James is, in fact, a bot, and if you dial the number back, you will be talking to AI, so abuse will not work. You cannot escape the spam list this way and you can't call the company directly.

Despite The Wine Group fined over $200,000 from ACMA, this pitiful company still harasses people. You can read all the one-star reviews and the stress it has caused many Australians here on Product Review. There are complaints that "James" also tries to sell wine to underage children and recovering alcoholics.

Here are just a few of the reviews:

I don't know how they get away with it (this is actually mine)

published 3 weeks ago

Another phone call from this company that I looked up via Reverse Call. My phone is on permanent DO NOT DISTURB so they never get through. It's high time the Australian Government did something serious about these intrusive horrible phone calls.


published 5 hours ago

Never signed up, constantly calling, have asked to be removed several times and calls back on different numbers.

Constant harassment

published 23 hours ago

James from the Wine group is a stalker who will not stop calling once he has your number. I want legal action taken

How is this ‘company’ operating?!!!

published 23 hours ago

Constant scam calls from an automated ‘James’ STOP STOP STOP! Do not buy any wine from this company.

There are plenty more!

get out of my life tee shirt

Here are the 1 star Google Reviews of Oaks Road Estate (The Wine Group).

And more bad reviews about the spam from The Wine Group

Here is what you do to get off the Wine Group's spam list:
  • File a complaint with - I rang them and filed one online

  • Write to the Wine Group: The following is my letter to them - feel free to copy and paste below with your own number write to I receive a call from your atrocious company every day from a different number. I complained officially to ACMA last week. Once by phone and online. It appears I am not the only victim of your company's harassment with James the Bot, DO NOT RING ME AGAIN. I expect an answer to this email promptly informing me the Wine Group will no longer harass me. This email confirms that my number (insert own number here) will forever be deleted from your database.


I am a busy woman, I wouldn't normally waste my time writing a post like this, but this company has wasted so much of my time, caused me a lot of stress and I know others are going through the same thing. This is why I have taken the time to write this to hopefully help you get off their list once and for all. They have since replied to my email and taken me off the list and I did not receive a call today.


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