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I was recently interviewed by Author Karina Machado for her popular podcast Spirit Sisters about my personal experience with my brother's suicide and his communication with me after he died. Yes, after he died. For who think this is all hogwash best leave this page now, for those who believe please read on.

In my many years writing online (since 2005) I have never been ashamed to talk about my spirituality, paranormal and even more own personal journey with a debilitating disease, Crohn's Disease, which could have killed me earlier this year when I developed some serious complications. I actually have another blog that covers all this part of my life called The Jasmine in the Forest.

I first met Karina about 6 years ago when she interviewed me for her book Love Never Dies and she contacted me again recently to talk more about my personal experience with the afterlife for the Spirit Sisters Podcast.

You can listen to the podcast with me A Brother's Love Never Dies here

Spirit Sisters

Karina Machado is the author of Spirit Sisters, a collection of women’s true stories of the paranormal. In the decade since it was published in 2009, Spirit Sisters has become one of those books readers treasure, re-read and pass around. Inspired by Karina’s lifelong passion for mysteries and marvels, the book illuminates the extraordinary experiences of ordinary women, whose firsthand accounts of apparitions, near-death experiences, premonitions, hauntings and love more powerful than death are all captured within its pages.

Spirit Sisters the Podcast celebrates the 10th anniversary of Spirit Sisters, revisiting the women behind Karina’s most unforgettable stories, and unearthing fresh tales to intrigue, excite and yes, offer hope and healing. You’re invited to open your minds - and hearts - as ordinary women reveal their extraordinary encounters

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Check out Karina's new podcast series The Ghost Files

Are you ready to open The Ghost Files? Karina Machado – author of Spirit Sisters and Love Never Dies – has spent a lifetime listening to real people’s real stories of spooky encounters. Now, tune in to The Ghost Files podcast every week as Karina brings you a spine-tingling conversation with an everyday person who’s had a brush with something out of this world – from chilling apparitions, to mysterious signs from beyond, visits from late loved ones, and much more, these moments are inexplicable and compelling. The people opening up about their experiences could be your neighbour, hairdresser or the mum at the school gate … because, after all, everyone’s got a story. Subscribe to The Ghost Files for your weekly fix of all new stories of the unexplained.

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