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Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase

Sydney Comedy Store

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Which shows should I attend out of the hundreds of offerings at The Sydney Comedy Festival? An effective way to decide is to see samplings of the acts at the showcases.

The Sydney Comedy Store had ten comedians on a show that ran for about ninety minutes. There were no weak links, and several stood out.

As MC, Tahir was the best I had seen him. He engaged the audience and nicely set the atmosphere for the other performers.

Charisa Bossinakis is a 24 year-old comedian who told us about family experiences in her Greek family.

A highlight for me was Danny McGinlay who did nice bits on COVID vaccines and Americans. Would I pay to see his full show? Yes.

Danny McGinlay
Danny McGinlay

Rosie Piper is in the process of transgendering and she shared her journey of transitioning from male to female. “I might not be the best looking woman on the show, but I’m the one with the biggest dick”, she declared in her mellow, baritone voice.

Perth-based comedian Brodi Snook connected with the single females by telling us about her dating.

Japanese act, Takashi Wakasugi, definitely provided the wakiest and most unusual presentation of the night.

With her basin haircut, the non-binary Scout Boxall looked like the bastard son of a medieval king.

Scout Boxall
Scout Boxall

Nick Cody was like the male version of the female comedian who talks about motherhood and drinking. Cody talks about fatherhood and cocaine. The formula obviously works.

Jacques Barrett went to lengths to explain why he appreciates gay men so much. I would pay to see his show.

Jacques Barrett
Jacques Barrett

The other stand-out was Amos Gill who looks like a bogan version of Adam Lambert. Gill put forward a very convincing argument for advertising products on porn sites.

 Amos Gill
Amos Gill

All of the acts were entertaining and the showcases are great ways of determining your favourites and where to spend your hard-earned.


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