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Aussie Tea Entrepreneurs Give 20,000 Chai ‘Thank You’ Packs To Monash Health Workers

Teavision thank you packs

Lucas and Belinda Ruzicka, Australian tea entrepreneurs and Teavision founders, have stepped up to the plate and donated 20,000 Chai Lords Thank You packs to Monash Health workers across Victoria.

Teavision is Australia's leading tea and herb wholesaler, supplying over 2,000 businesses across the country with an extensive and delectable range of products. Teavision debuted its award-winning brand Chai Lords earlier this year, and it has quickly become a popular Aussie favourite across the country.

“At Teavision, everything we do is shaped by our five key values and guiding principles, mindfulness, sincere, wholesome, inclusive and consciousness, and we wanted to do something to support those who have given so much over the last 18 months,” Teavision brand director, Thu Nguyen said.

“We have all been personally affected in some way throughout this pandemic. Not only do we want to say thank you to the nurses and doctors and allied health professionals, but also to everyone in the health care service from the admin employees to cleaners who also don’t get enough appreciation for their long hours and risks being in the frontline.”

20,000 Chai Lords Thank You packs will be individually handed out to Monash Health employees during the months of October and November to thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout COVID. This is one of the largest donations of its kind in Australia during the pandemic.

Teavision thank you packs

Monash Health is Victoria's largest public health service, providing safe, high-quality care to one-quarter of Melbourne's population from birth to death. Over 18,000 staff members work in over 40 care locations throughout south-eastern Melbourne, including hospitals, health and rehabilitation centres, aged care, community health, and mental health facilities.

“We are really proud and honoured to be in a position where we can say thanks in such a meaningful and supportive way,” Ms Nguyen added.

“It has taken months of working with the wonderful team at the Monash Health Foundation to develop and create the packs and we are pleased to be finally delivering them to our health care superstars.

“It is said that a person who saves someone’s life is called a hero, and someone who saves hundreds of lives is called a nurse. I think this sums up the enormous role our health care workers have played and continue to play during COVID.”

Teavision thank you packs

"Our sincere thanks to Chai Lords and Teavision for the generous donation. This gift is a wonderful way for your organisation to express thanks to our health care workers. I am sure that Monash Health employees across our health service will enjoy trying the new chai brand," Monash Health Foundation, director, Ron Fairchild said.

“We are hoping that our donation will encourage other companies to come forward and support the health care sector as well as others across the community that have contributed much during this difficult time,” Ms Nguyen continued.



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