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Ten Most-Loved Louis Vuitton Bags Ever

Ten Most-Loved Louis Vuitton Bags Ever

Just recently, with the theme of celebrating the best of American fashion, the Met Gala of 2021 has finished successfully. While celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid were the usual divas, it is the new entrance Emma Chamberlain who has rocked the event the most.

Although there was mixed criticism regarding how pale the popular YouTuber is becoming, there was no disagreement regarding her outfit; all credit goes to the dramatic Louis Vuitton bag. Her stylish look got glittering reviews from fashion critics all around.

Louis Vuitton bags have been enriching outlooks for ages now. Since 1854, to be exact. After sharpening his trunk-making skill in his apprenticeship in Paris, Mr. Louis Vuitton established his first workshop that year.

Pretty soon, the brand became synonymous with unique design, exclusive collection, advanced technical innovation, a legacy of craftsmanship, which is still accurate today. Continuing the success in authentic readymade wear to precious jewellery, Vuitton expanded the business into different sections, and eventually, the hype aligned with the women's handbags.

Louis Vuitton luxury handbags: the main attractions

Consisting of a convenient and compact style in his design, Vuitton has launched a handful of different innovative and chic bags till now. To that point, let's learn about some of those most-loved Louis Vuitton bags that have been forever popular among fashion enthusiasts below.

Neverfull - the epitome of ease

Since it launched in 2007, Neverfull has received an unbelievable response from the elite people. From work to travel, it fits well everywhere. The side lace helps the bag transform into a more structural shape, making it easier to use. The bag is stylish within, too, with most designs coming with a red stripe vintage interior, adding a pop of colour in the storage.

The timeless piece Keepall

This evergreen bag was a replacement to the traditional LV heavy suitcases, yet, perfectly remained faithful to the heritage as a luxury luggage marker. The classic bag is very lightweight, which ensures strong durability for any moment. Each piece also includes a luggage tag, hand lock, and handle buckle to facilitate stylish travel.

Ten Most-Loved Louis Vuitton Bags Ever

Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

If Vuitton is known for only one bag, then it will be a speedy bag. It was released to respond to advanced transportation in the '30s. This lightweight open bag was famously carried by Audrey Hepburn and Sarah Jessica Parker for its timeless design.

The Louis Vuitton Noè bag

The Bucket bags are a much-loved piece because of their unique shape and accessible ease. The Noe bag still features the original design, consisting of a sturdy rectangular base and drawstring closure. However, thanks to the adjustable strap, the modern-day Noe bag is even easier to carry.

The Diminutive Alma

Designed by the grandson of Vuitton, the Alma bag was the second from the label released back in 1934. Rumour has it that the design was inspired by the original coco Chanel alma, while the eponymous bridge in Paris is also in contention. Either way, it is undoubtedly the most popular bag in the world.

Pochette Metis

This one is from the brand's newest collection, which was re-launched in 2021 after its hugely popular first introduction in 2014. The unbelievable popularity is perhaps down to its classic satchel silhouette design, ensuring that it never goes out of style. There are also different options for different personalities.

Louis Vuitton Capucines

While the brand is the epitome of class, the Capucines Bags takes it to another level. It is designed to be more minimalistic, with its classic tote shape covered in rich leather; always a stylish companion on the street. There are numerous styles available, with some even coming covered in loud graphic prints.

Louis Vuitton Looping

Looping is the accurate answer to the chic-handled style of early 2000. The undeniable classic bag has a no-frills arched handle and is unique, which gives it a timeless vibe. But unfortunately, the bag can be notoriously hard to find. But if you do get your hands to one of these, looping will add rarity value to your collection.

Twist by Louis Vuitton

This twist bag was released in 2015 as part of the brand's modern legacy line. This bag is different from the other classic collection and comes with bold hardware. The handle is twisted closely with the brand's LV logo, while the minimal and straightforward shape brings a subtle taste of luxury.

Petite Boite Chapeau

After releasing some constructive formal collections, the band went back to basics in 2018. Incorporated with their hatbox design, the mini Boite is perfect for your street style accessories. The bag either comes in classic monogram canvas or a reverse monogram but looks glam either way. No wonder it is one of the most Instagrammed bags from Louis Vuitton.


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