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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Australian Foodie

With Christmas right around the corner, families and friends across Australia are preparing for the mad gift-buying dash that's about to take place. Buying good presents is often an extremely stressful task, but being blessed with a foodie makes the process so much easier. Purchasing gifts for those who appreciate food is an easy task. Here are a few ideas that you can do for gifting people who enjoy gourmet!

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Australian Foodie

A Dinner At The Chef's Table

One of the best ideas you can explore when shopping for a food-lover is booking dinner at a chef's table in a local gourmet restaurant. In high-end restaurants, professional chefs place an exclusive table as close to the kitchen as possible, allowing guests to get an authentic slice of the action while asking questions along the way. You and your foodie will be able to watch the chef's preparing your dinner, seeing how the different ingredients can come together to make something delicious. Treating your friend or family member to dinner at a Chef's Table will be fun and memorable.

A Food Hamper Or Snack Basket

food hamper for christmas

Another excellent option that you can pursue to smile on their face is a delicious food hamper or snack basket containing all of their favourite foods. You can purchase ready-made gourmet food and wine hampers for ultimate convenience if you don't have the time to prepare one yourself, but you can also choose to buy an empty hamper that you can fill up with more specific items that you know they love. You can make a retro candy hamper, a potato chip basket, or even a jerky box.

Other ideas for a gourmet food hamper are truffle salt, dried blood red oranges, Christmas cake and chilli jams!

Chef Grade Cooking Equipment

Chef Grade Cooking Equipment

If your foodie is into cooking, then a great gift idea that you might like to consider is some chef-grade kitchen equipment. You can purchase all manner of pans, serving plates, knives and electronic devices that will take their cooking game to a whole new level, and there are so many different sources that you can explore to find a range of options to buy. Check online to see the latest and most excellent cooking equipment that your foodie friend or family member is sure to appreciate, and you might even get the chance to taste some of the delicious food they prepare with their new equipment!

Cooking Classes

Another great idea for the food lover is gift a cooking class such as Italian and French cooking lessons. Cooking lessons are a fun way to learn how to cook and enjoy the meal at the end of the lesson.


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