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The Best Proposal Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

The Best Proposal Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

They say more money, more problems but there are some things in life that are just hard to do inexpensively. Proposing is one of those things. Essentially asking someone to marry you is the most important question you’ll ever ask in your life. You are asking someone to link their life to yours and to be a part of your life forever, to potentially be a parent to your future children, to stick with you through sickness and health and to be there by your side ready to weather any storm that might come your way.

It’s a big ask and you’ll want to make it as epic as possible.

However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need skywriting or Kanye renting out Doger’s Stadium or the Eiffel Tower and two dozen red roses to make a proposal romantic and memorable. When it comes to proposing, all you really need is just your person standing in front of you telling you that you’re the one they want to be with for the rest of your life. Trust us, when that person’s standing in front of you, everything else melts away and even if there’s a full orchestra standing there all you’ll be able to hear is the sound of your two hearts, beating as one.

So, you’ve found the one - congratulations! - you’ve bought the perfect engagement ring and now it comes time to plan the perfect proposal (on a budget)

The Best Proposal Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Here are three of the most romantic proposal ideas on a budget.

Scenic Picnic

A scenic picnic is the perfect combination of adorable and affordable making this the perfect option for romantics on a budget. Have a friend help you set up a picnic with champagne and nibbles in a truly romantic spot, think cliffside, beach, forest or botanical garden. Have flowers, lanterns and fairy lights on deck to make the space feel special. Have your friend or photographer mind the picnic site while you take your soon-to-be betrothed on a romantic walk to the picnic spot. Text your friend when you’re on arrival and have them hide somewhere where they’ll be able to take photos of the happy moment. By the time you and your partner arrive, it will look like you’ve just stumbled across the perfect picnic. Sit down, pour some champagne and then pop the question. You can totally organise this yourself, however, if you want inspiration or a helping hand, check out Picnic and Proposals.

Home Proposal: Short of Spending, Big on Sentiment

What better place is there to propose than right in the place where you and your loved one have made your life together: your home. Have your partner go out for the day and, while they are occupied, decorate your house and garden like crazy. Go all out with flowers, fairy lights and candles and hang photos of your favourite moments together from trees, the ceiling - cover the place in joyous memories. Then, literally surrounded by your lives together and a heavy dusting of rose petals, drop down to one knee and ask the love of your life to marry you. If you’re looking for decoration inspiration, it can always be helpful to check out Pinterest.

Recreate Your First Date

This proposal idea is the ultimate sentimental favourite if you ask us. Propose to your partner by recreating your first date together. Why is this so perfect? Well, firstly, first dates tend to be quite relaxed and low-key and are never all that expensive so you’ve definitely got the budget element under control. Secondly, the sentimental nostalgia that this date offers is simply unparalleled. Can’t you just picture it now? You and the love of your life, sitting in the exact same spot where you sat however many years before, reflecting on who you were, how you’ve changed and all the magical moments that have made up your truly epic love affair.

This is a major monumental moment in your life, enjoy it, celebrate it and get ready for a lifetime of love!


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