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The New Easter Sensation: Cheese and Chocolate Pairings

Cheese and Chocolate Pairings

Who needs a cracker when you can enjoy your cheese on a sliver of chocolate?

Queen of Chocolate and social media star Kirsten Tibballs says the surprising “match made in heaven” of cheese and chocolate is rapidly spreading from high-end restaurants into Aussie homes – and she is tempting more people to try it.

Kirsten – who has more than 760,000 Instagram followers - says the savoury pairing of cheese and chocolate opens up a whole new world of flavour and texture matches.

And the popular MasterChef Australia guest judge predicts cheese and chocolate pairing platters – where guests can enjoy chocolate on a slice of cheese - will be the “must have” dish when entertaining this Easter.

To celebrate, Kirsten has created two special Easter recipes: a delicious chocolate Easter nest with chocolate eggs to sit on top of her favourite cheese, a Fromager d’Affinois Le Fromager wheel of cheese; and chocolate bunny ears paired with delicious blue cheese.

Kirsten says the key to wowing your guests is to use good quality cheese and chocolate, such as Fromager d’Affinois range of famous French cheeses renowned for premium quality, silky-smooth texture, delicious flavours and consistent ability to delight.

“The creamy intensity of cheeses balanced with touches of sweetness from chocolate – who needs a cracker or baguette when you have the snap of chocolate with the creamy Fromager d’Affinois range?” Kirsten said.

“What’s not to love, it is most people’s favourite two treats and paired together they are hard to beat.

“I find these days I am being asked more and more about which chocolates goes best with which cheeses. Chocolate on top of a sliver of great cheese is just a match made in heaven.”

Kirsten, an award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author, says cheese and chocolate combos are a natural progression from the old cheese cubes and cabanossi on Jatz crackers. the staple of 1970s entertaining.

“Australia has a limited history in food so we are always open to improving our palates and trying new dishes,” she said.

“Our cheese platters have turned into grazing platters and now the highlight of many a gathering, with new ingredients and twists added all the time.”

And the latest addition of different types of chocolate – to be eaten in the same mouthful with a matching cheese – is the must-have staple of every cheese platter.

“The subtle notes of acidity and sweetness in chocolate highlight the delicate flavour nuances in cheese,” Kirsten said.

“Chocolate also pairs so well with cheese because of the textures of the two together – the snap of the chocolate and the creamy texture of the cheese that both melt on the palate. The more senses we involve while eating, the better the eating experience.

“If well balanced, a combination of sweet and savoury can be hard to resist.

“A white chocolate which is sweet will also pair beautifully with a stronger blue cheese to create the perfect harmony.”

But which cheese pairs best with what chocolate? Kirsten says it all comes down to personal tastes.

“It is true that different chocolates will match better with different cheeses but personal preference also comes into play when you are discussing cheese and chocolate. Everyone has an opinion on what will work,” she says.


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