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Theatre Review | Kweens of Comedy

Kweens of Comedy

Ginger’s at the Oxford Hotel

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Kweens of comedy

The Sydney comedy scene keeps expanding. Kweens of Comedy has opened at The Oxford Hotel in Darlinghurst and will provide monthly showcases for emerging comedians. The name and location might indicate the audience demographic.

The MC on the night was AJ Lamarque, a well-known personality in the LGBTQIA+ community (are they going to add any more letters?). AJ is a charming young Londoner with a United Nations of ancestors and makes Joel Creasy seem rugged. He was funny and engaging, and there couldn’t have been a better host.

The first act was Jenna Suffern, a young lesbian who opened up about her insecurities, not about being a lesbian, but more to do with her being young.

Jenny Tian did a well-devised set using a flipchart and described what it’s like to be a young, Asian woman in Australia.

Then came Jared Jekyll who did a routine that was crammed with lame puns (excuse the tautology) and finished with a card trick.

CJ McLean, doing his first gig, told us how much he likes dick (the noun, not the pronoun).

For me, the most entertaining on the night was transgender Rose Piper, who was like a bloke in women’s clothing. The confidence that she projected was as appealing as the baritone voice. Rose could become a household name in comedy.

The show closed with the Noodle Girls, a duo that performed a series of comedy sketches. They were like a female version of the 1980s comedy duo, Los Trios Ringbarkus, but not as messy.

I hadn’t previously heard of any of the performers, and it’s pleasing to know that there’s a venue for young, aspiring comedians to show and hone their talent.


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