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Theatre Review: Notre-Dame


Conductor/Harpsichord/Original Concept by Paul Dyer

Director/Script by Alana Valentine

Actors Glenn Hazeldine and Matilda Ridgway

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Brandenburg Choir

City Recital Hall

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Theatre Review Notre-Dame

Billed as “A story of ritual, resolution and resurrection”, Notre-Dame opened at the City Recital Hall. The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, fourteen classically trained singers and two actors took us through the history of the famous cathedral from the earliest film to post restoration.

The instruments in the orchestra were set up in the manner of the baroque period and of course the harpsichord, which was played by conductor Paul Dyer, was already there.

The moving and still images that were projected onto the central part of the cyclorama even included what looked like the Lon Chaney depiction of Quasimodo.

Veteran actor Glenn Hazeldine added another dimension as a narrator and Matilda Ridgway played an Australian who was making a pilgrimage to Notre-Dame. She included a large amount of acting into her part of the performance.

The actors’ involvement, the orchestral arrangements and singing led by soprano Astrid Girdis provided an immersive and enjoyable experience.


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