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Theatre Review: Piaf! The Show

Piaf! The Show

Starring Nathalie Lermitte

Conceived and Directed by Gil Marsalla

State Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Piaf! The Show

Everyone knows and loves the music of Édith Giovanna Gassion, better known as Piaf (The Little Sparrow) who is universally regarded as France's greatest popular singer and one of the most celebrated performers of the twentieth century, so it would take an exceptionally talented artiste to do her justice.

French performer Nathalie Lermitte and producer Gil Marsalla have brought the music of Edith Piaf back to the stage. We’re all familiar the songs and Lermitte has a fine reputation, so the expectation was very high.

With the four-piece band that consisted of piano, double bass, percussion and accordion, Act 1 set the Parisian mood, although it would have been of greater benefit if we could understand French. The level remained constant for the duration of the first half.

Sydney Chic Theatre Review

In Act 2 Lermitte was allowed to let loose. She had performed almost all of the show with her short blonde hair and wearing colourful, glittering outfits. When she made an entrance wearing a Piaf wig, plain black dress and adopted Piaf's characteristic stances, the place went nuts; she BECAME Edith Piaf.

All of the songs were there - "L'Accordéoniste", "Padam...Padam...", "Les Trois Cloches", "Milord", "Mon Dieu", "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien", "La Vie En Rose" and thirteen others, and Lermitte invited the audience to sing along.

Theatre Review Piaf! The Show

Nathalie Lermitte can sustain a note. After one particularly long one, I almost felt that I needed another shave. She nails every note with certainty.

For most of the songs, if you closed your eyes you wouldn’t think that you were actually hearing Piaf, but rather an exceptional, unique and talented performer doing Piaf songs. Nathalie Lermitte will not be the next Edith Piaf; no-one will, but she’s the first Nathalie Lermitte and is a true star.. What a voice!


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