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Theatre Review: The Good Old Days of Rock 'n' Roll

Reviewed at The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre Sutherland

2 March 2024

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP, MAICD

The Good Old Days Theatre Review

Initially I wasn’t going to review this show, and only intended to attend as a fan of the music and performers of the era, but the audience response was so strong that I felt compelled to cover it.

It was a full house at The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre for The Good Old Days of Rock 'n' Roll starring Jade Hurley, Lucky Starr, Little Pattie, Digger Revell and Dinah Lee. 

Jade Hurley opened with some Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly, and he can still pound that deck. It was also impressive that at age 81, he effortlessly managed to get that right boot up onto the keyboard. He’d have to do some serious stretching before the show.

Lucky Starr has been continuously performing since his first recording in 1959 and it shows. He hit every note, and at age 83, remembers all of the words to I've Been Everywhere, and sings it as fast as ever. He invited the audience to sing along but nobody did or could.

When Digger Revell, aged 80, started off, I was willing to make allowances, but at the end he nailed Over The Rainbow

At 74, Little Pattie was the youngest and she performed girl hits such as Tell Him, You're My World, Where The Boys Are, The Shoop Shoop Song and her hit, Stompin' at Maroubra. Years ago she tried to reinvent herself as Patricia Amphlett but the fans wouldn’t accept the rebranding. She’ll always be Little Pattie.

Dinah Lee performed her hits, Do The Bluebeat, Don't You Know Yokomo and Reet Petite as if the sixty years hadn't passed. The only difference was a slightly huskier voice. Her moving, heartfelt tribute to fellow kiwi, Max Merritt, was very special. The Queen of the Mods lamented that she's 80 and asked, "What am I going to be like at 90?" A male audience member yelled out, “Gorgeous!”. Dinah Lee is one talented and attractive octogenarian.

I’m not sure when, where and if The Good Old Days of Rock 'n' Roll will next be staged, but if the 686 people who filled the auditorium and gave rousing ovations had their way, it will be sooner rather than later. 

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