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Theatre Review | Welcome to the Masque

Welcome to the Masque

Riverside Theatres Digital

Reviewed August 23

Musical Director Max Lambert

Starring Genevieve Lemon

Theatre Reviews in Sydney

Can you think of any benefits that have come from COVID-19?

One is that you can now see cabaret live online.

Welcome to the Masque was the latest offering from Riverside Theatres Digital.

Set in a backstage dressing room, the talented triple threat, Genevieve Lemon, has a chat with the small house audience and cross references the actors’ masks with the COVID-19 masks.

Genevieve Lemon

Musical Director and pianist is the hugely experienced Max Lambert who arranged the musical elements for the Sydney Olympics.

The chat is enhanced with songs such as Friends by Bette Midler, Dolly Parton’s Here You Come Again and So Far Away from Carole King’s Tapestry album, or perhaps the songs are enhanced by the dialogue.

Other songs include Joni Mitchell’s River and Guess Who I Saw Today, which has been covered by many singers and Nancy Wilson had a popular hit with it.

The Bette Midler song, Hello In There is eminently relevant to the loneliness experienced by many people at this time, and Genevieve Lemon’s rendition is extraordinarily moving.

The closing number, Going Back To Cabaret, written by Max Lambert, Daniel Edmonds, and Genevieve Lemon, tells a tale of anticipation and hope for performers and the performances.

Max Lambert

The cost of attendance for the hour-long performance is only $18 for your entire family and friends if you watch it in the same place. Apart from that, you won’t have to travel to Parramatta to see it, not that there’s anything wrong with Parramatta.

For current information about the live, online performances click here:


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