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Top 5 best app development companies in Australia

Top 5 best app development companies in Australia

First and foremost, we must mention the "world" factor in the context of digitalization is growing stronger than ever to date. Thanks to mobile applications, businesses can create brand awareness to customers, provide personalized content, enhance interoperability between businesses - customers and more convenient to use promotional tools; along with a growing number of other life gadgets such as e-wallets, mobile apps to track health, control diet, measure amount of fresh air or take care of pets...

Obviously, mobile applications are increasing global coverage at a fast pace, with 1.96 million apps appearing in the App Store and 2.46 million apps available on Google Play (as of Q2 2019). According to Statista from 2014 and 2023, the mobile app revenues are projected to hit nearly $ 600 billion in 2020.

What is ‘App development’?

In a general way to understand, 'App Development' is a collection of processes and procedures related to writing software - which works on computers and wireless phones. Just like Web application development, mobile application development is derived from traditional software development. However, one significant difference is that 'App Development' tends to be written specifically to take advantage of the unique features that a particular mobile device offers.

Top Mobile Development trends to rule 2020

We have the Mobile development trends that are expected to dominate in 2020 as follows:

Wearable Devices

A few decades ago, when we first heard of the concept of 'wearable devices', we would have felt funny and somewhat did not take this name seriously. How could a watch, a bracelet… play an important role in supporting our daily lives? But it is. It really is!

smart watches

The most obvious and typical word for 'wearable' is the range of smart watches, trackers and fitness bands. In the era of booming technology, the need to apply technology is increasing, requiring high applicability for both daily activities such as movement, exercise, nutrition awareness, blood pressure determination... And wearable devices are becoming more important yet popular than ever.

Internet of Things

If you think the Internet can't support controlling or playing a central role in life, you may wish to think about it more seriously. Because the mobile applications provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) allow connecting bands, watches and other wearable devices to a Smartphone, it can thus become your new assistant in everyday life. IoT applications in life are expected to be more and more prosperous thanks to 5G next-generation mobile connectivity technology, with an estimated number of 1.3 billion subscribers by 2023 - Statistics have revealed.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

It can be said that AI is increasingly developing - becoming much more proactive and "intelligent", than before. AI has been gradually researched and applied by businesses in the operation process to save costs and bring about efficiency more quickly and conveniently. Some specific examples of AI deployment on mobile applications such as image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, maintenance predictions ... In addition, chatbot is also the name to be mentioned during AI development.


In the past and perhaps right now, we often hear the name E-Commerce: Electronic Commerce - the process of buying, selling and delivering goods, services and information through computer networks, including the Internet. But perhaps to date, a new concept appears and is expected to beat E-Commerce to open a new future in technology with much more utility and breakthrough, it is mobile commerce - M-Commerce (Mobile Electronic Commerce). Known as a great innovation of human trade history, M-Commerce is understood as an electronic commerce on mobile devices, basically electronic transactions made using a mobile terminal via wireless network.

From a small mobile phone, we have learned how to optimize them with a range of new applications with the ability to meet individual needs and access more flexibly.

Top 5 best app development companies in Australia

In Australia, one of the industry's major contributors to the market economy is Mobile Application Development. However, not all of these companies offer the best application solution to customers. Among the many companies that provide software development service solutions, we must consult and consider carefully before making a decision on which company to take care of. yourself.

Through the process of research, I have collected about 5 outstanding names in the vibrant technology - software market in Australia as follows:

Known as a multifaceted graphic design and web development studio from Sydney, Australia, Shtudio has core services such as Web development, Graphic Design, SEO & online marketing.

Shtudio creates logos, website designs, business stationery, flyers, exhibition banners and loves web development of any complexity. Shtudio helps you buy the right domain name, organize web hosting and email and provide ongoing support.

Although located in Australia, ODS Group was established to help US and Oceania businesses find the right developer for their projects. ODS Group has perfected processes over the years, with a solid history of winning projects, and Australian and New Zealand businesses can now take advantage of the instant development specialist that ODS Group provided.

As an enterprise with many strengths in serving customers at home and abroad, ODS Group is trusted by customers thanks to its expert and fluent English staff who work only for the project. Your own without having to worry about other projects. You are free to monitor and control your project, at your discretion and for you. In addition, continuous customer support after product launch is also a plus point for ODS Group.


Cubix is a software, game and mobile application development company - specializing in developing, customizing, and integrating complex enterprise-level solutions, business information analytics, web and mobile solutions. advanced. With over 8 years of experience, Cubix has worked for clients including various individuals, startups and large organizations.


Utility specializes in manufacturing custom mobile applications and web software with creative partners, from startup ventures to Fortune 500 brands. Founded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson, Utility was built by people who were on the other side of the table. We include leading digital product strategists, user experience designers and software engineers.

Promatic Technologies

Since its inception, Promatics has been committed to providing leading technology - software services to its customers, providing superior and tailored services to serve the needs of a digital landscape. rapidly developing. Promatics designs, develops and delivers web and mobile applications that promote today's businesses, improve and enhance business capacity, reduce time to attract customers, promote top growth, create Better brand and ultimately beat the competition.



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