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Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Until now, plastic surgery was reserved for women who wanted cosmetic enhancement. But this is no longer the case. Today, men are increasingly going under the knife (or needle) to alter their appearance.

Here’s a list of 5 most common surgical and non-surgical procedures that men are opting for.


Liposuction might be the top cosmetic procedure for both genders, however, for men, it’s not just about trimming the excess fat deposits. It’s also about getting that tone, muscle contour, and sculpted look.

Because abdomen, knees, neck, and upper arm are some of the problem areas people find difficult to shed fat from, they are perfect candidate for liposuction.

There are a few variations in how a liposuction procedure may be carried out — such as the tumescent method where local anaesthesia is delivered to subcutaneous fat to allow removal, laser lipolysis where a laser is used to melt away fat, liposculpture where little pockets of fat are targeted instead of larger areas to achieve more muscle tone and definition. The recovery time may last from few days to a couple of weeks.

Male breast reduction

Gynecomastia or development of excess male breast tissue is a fairly common condition which is a source of self-esteem issues among men.

Depending on whether the dense tissue or the fatty tissue or both are in excess, treatment method is determined. Where there’s more fatty tissue, liposuction is conducted to suck out the fat through a tube inserted via a tiny incision. In case of glandular tissue around the nipple area, it needs to be surgically removed, which leaves a scar behind. If necessary, liposuction can also be performed during this time. Though it’s common to feel some soreness and swelling after the surgery, they should subside within 4 to 6 weeks.


Popularly known as “nose job”, this is a procedure to change the shape and appearance of nose mostly due to cosmetic as well as due to medical reasons such as broken or misshapen nose after an accident or a deviated septum causing breathing problems.

Post-operative swelling takes a few weeks to dissipate, but it could take up to one year for the nose tissue to fully take the desired shape and structure.

Eyelid surgery

Tired of droopy lids that make you look sleepy even when you’re not? Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty to the rescue!

It targets excess fat, loose skin, and sagging muscle around the eye area and can be performed on either or both upper and lower eyelids. The results can be subtle but surprisingly effective in knocking a good few years off the face. Eyelid surgery is a simple procedure and the recovery is quick.

Hair Transplant

According to the American Hair Loss Association, nearly 65% of men face hair loss issues by the time they hit 35, while the figure jumps to 85% by the time they are 50 years old. This is commonly caused by androgenic alopecia, widely known as male pattern baldness.

Thanks to new techniques, plastic surgeons such as Absolute Cosmetic Medicine can carry out the procedure with minimal invasion and patients can benefit from rapid healing, less scarring, and natural-looking results.

If you’re inclined to give any of these cosmetic treatments a try, remember that the best outcomes can be achieved only in the hands of expert practitioners.

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