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Visiting NSW: A Guide to Great Beaches & Boating Hotspots

Australia is a land rich in its sun, sand and sea. With over 25,760 kilometres of coastline to explore, you could say that it is a dream come true for avid boaters. Sydney in particular is an incredibly popular spot that boaters from all about the country and the world enjoy not just in the Summertime, but all year round. If you’re currently looking at yachts for sale or are simply someone who is keen on exploring the wonders of the Sydney coastline, this is the article for you. Today, we have a look at Sydney’s 7 best boating hotspots, just in time for some Summer fun in the sun. Read on to find out more!

Manly NSW
Manly Cove

Manly Cove beach has got to be one of our favourite Sydney boating hotspots. Located on the “ferry side” of Manly, this incredible beach is the perfect location for those who are looking for a family adventure with children and loved ones. When it comes to the waters, expect calm and serenity. There are no waves in the water, making it the perfect setting for inflatable toys, a calm boat ride and paddleboarding. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the numerous restaurants and cafés to choose from in Manly, along with a variety of convenience stores and bars where you can end the evening in style.

A Guide to Sydney’s Beaches & Boating Hotspots
Sydney Harbour

You can’t visit Sydney without taking your boat out for a spin on the Sydney Harbour, it would be criminal not to! Sydney Harbour is arguably the most iconic attraction in all of New South Wales and also just happens to be considered one of the world’s prettiest natural harbours. With over 300km of shoreline, avid boaters can be treated to gorgeous beaches, lush gardens and oh-so-popular landmarks including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Sydney Harbour is also home to a wide variety of fish, making it a fantastic location for those who love fishing. Don’t forget to take a trip to the yacht clubs, marinas, bars, restaurants and sailing events that are the popular attractions among boaters in the Sydney Harbour.

Jervis Bay
Jervis Bay NSW

Jervis Bay is a stretch that spans over 15 kilometres long, with picturesque, vibrant blue waters and some of the cleanest, ivory hued sand you’ll ever see in your lifetime. Thanks to its tranquil waters, Jervis Bay is considered one of the top boating destinations in New South Wales and is an absolute wonder to explore. Fishing is incredibly popular in the bays and estuaries, so don’t forget to bring your fishing gear along to Currambene Creek if you’re keen for a catch.

A Guide to Sydney’s Beaches & Boating Hotspots
Port Stephens

If you take a drive up north from Newcastle, you’ll find yourself in Port Stephens. Port Stephens is one of the most popular boating destinations in New South Wales and is home to plenty of moorings, ramps, trailer parking and a marina that will be sure to keep your boat or yacht safe. Port Stephens consists of a system of lakes, rivers and creeks that has earned it its iconic nickname of the “blue water paradise”. Port Stephens is by far one of the most gorgeous boating destinations, so you don’t want to miss out on sailing between its small islands to truly experience its natural wonder.

middle harbour sydney
Middle Harbour

Middle Harbour is probably one of Sydney's lesser-known boating destinations, making it a great choice for those who want to explore the waters in peace and quiet. Don’t let its modest reputation fool you though, Middle Harbour is a location rich in its marine life, lush greenery and a wide variety of restaurants that will help you end your day with a full belly. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Spit Bridge as well as Bantry Bay, where you’ll find some amazing local folk and are guaranteed a fantastic time.

Doyles Restaurant Watsons Bay
Watson’s Bay

Watson’s Bay is one that you definitely don’t want to miss as it features some truly spectacular beaches and is also one of the oldest fishing villages in Australia. Seafood lovers from all over the world praise the quality and variety of seafood that you can enjoy in Watson’s Bay, often labelling it as some of the best in the city. When it comes to your boat, you can choose to quickly tie up to the wharf and send a friend or family off to buy some world-famous fish and chips from Doyle's Restaurant.

sofitel darling harbour sydney
Darling Harbour

Last but certainly by no means least, Darling Harbour. Boaters are in luck because you have a choice of 2 wharves to tie up to: the Maritime Museum or the Aquarium. Both of these destinations will provide you with ample access to fantastic tourist destinations that are King Street and the Darling Harbour precinct. Don’t forget to take a little walk around the new gardens of Barangaroo or head down to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo to catch a glimpse of a sleepy koala bear before heading back to your boat to sail the oceans.


Sydney’s beaches and boating hotspots are some of the best in the world and we highly recommend that you add at least one of these glorious locations to your boating bucket list. Happy sailing!


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