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Want A Crystal Clear Pool? Here Is How You Do It

When the summer heat really kicks in, there is nothing like a cool dip in the pool. But during the winter months, and even spring, the pool can sometimes get little to no attention. Or perhaps you have been taking care of your pool, but you can seem to get that crystal clear water you want; here are some tips to make that dream a reality! 

Pool Shock 

Over time, the pool will stack up on a range of bacteria, and you might notice that it is cloudy or has a green hue. Algae is the blight of a swimming pool, and the fastest way to return your water to healthy levels is to use a pool shock chemical. The shock needs to be followed exactly in the instructions. It is usually advised when the pool has an issue with chemical balance or when it has seen heavy use or has not been used for a few days in the heat. 


When was the last time you tested your pool? If you can’t remember or you never have, then you are likely going to find that it is out of balance. The balance of the chemicals in the pool is what can keep it healthy - and when that is unbalanced, it can quickly lead to a bloom of algae or levels that aren’t suitable for swimming in. 

You can purchase pool testing strips online, and they aren’t expensive. They will give you insight into what the pool levels currently are so that you can make the right adjustments. 

Most of the time, it is the chlorine that isn’t at the right level, but it can also be the alkalinity or the pH levels. 


The heavy lifters of the pool cleaning are going to be the filter, pump, daily skim, and vacuum. Many new pool owners make the mistake of not having a pump or filter that is strong enough for the pool size they have or letting a damaged pump run. Keeping your pump and filter is a must, so getting a pool pump repair and making sure the filter is clean will go a long way to making your pool look great. 

Skimming the top of the pool every day will help remove much of the larger debris and prevent the filter from getting clogged, and a weekly vacuum will help with anything that has settled to the bottom of the pool. There are manual and automatic pool vacuums. 


Making sure the pool is covered when not in use will prevent insects, animals, and debris from getting in there. When the pool is uncovered overnight, the morning could bring the nasty shock of a clogged filter and a dirty pool. 

There are two types of pool cover: one is for wintertime protection - which can reduce how much work your pool will need in the spring, and the other is designed for warm weather and prevents evaporation while helping the pool stay warm. 

If your goal for a gorgeously clear pool is part of a bigger gardening plan, here are some tips to make that happen: Addressing Common Gardening Problems in Home Landscaping


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