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What to Wear to Every Major Social Occasion of the Season

What to Wear to Every Major Social Occasion of the Season

Not to sure what to wear to your next event? Here are our style tips for most occasions.

The variety, style, and formality of the events you attend will largely depend on your network, family, career and social invitations. Those special occasions that offer the opportunity to 'frock up' are exciting, especially when choosing a glamorous outfit.

Not everyone can afford the stunning dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet. However, you can look just as good for a fraction of the price. You need to know where to get the best bargains and how you can rent the stylish ball dresses (amongst others) that will allow you to fit in at the most exclusive events.

All you have to do is understand what style of clothing is expected and accepted on different occasions.

what to wear to charity event

Charity Gala

If you are heading to any gala, you will need a floor-length gown or perhaps one of the ball dresses mentioned early. It is also acceptable to go with a tailored suit that emphasises your femininity. Naturally, you can accentuate with your best jewellery and visit the hairdresser before you go to take it up another notch.

what to wear to a wedding

A Wedding

Weddings are fun occasions when you never know who you may meet. You can go in virtually any colour although you should never wear white. Of course, a pretty or floral dress is a good option, as is a cocktail dress and a stylish coat or wrap for the colder months.

what to wear to a funeral

The Funeral

Always a sad occasion and the traditional approach has been to go with black. While black remains a safe choice, you don't need to stick with the long black dress. A black pantsuit or knee-length dress is a viable option. You can also go for other colours as long as the item is one colour and darker.

cocktail dress

Cocktail Parties

The cocktail party covers all sorts of glitzy events and encourages you to wear a fancy cocktail dress.

However, this isn't the only option. The little black dress or the same style dress in various colours can also look stunning on these occasions. You can also go with separates, but keep them high-end. Tailored pants with a dressy top and heels will work. The little black dress can always be made more glamorous by adding some dazzling jewellery.

Don't forget that cocktail attire can change according to the city. The more relaxed the town, the more flexible your garment can be.

Festival clothing

Festive Occasions

You have probably been to the Christmas party and cringed at the sight of someone in their Christmas jumper. Festive events allow you to push the boundaries and go with something more colourful and fun than you might normally wear. Just remember to check there isn't an expected dress code first.

Networking event clothing

Networking Events

These are generally more formal occasions and require you to dress conservatively. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make an effort. Try pairing heels with tailored pants or a knee-length skirt and one of your best blouses. It creates a nice balance between work and play. If going straight from work, add accessories such as a scarf or jewellery.

The Bottom Line

You can rarely be to overdressed for an occasion. That is why it is worth looking at the dresses for rent and going to town for that special event. After all, if you look fabulous, you will feel terrific. It is incredible how much difference that will make to your confidence and the experience.

It is easy to look your best for any event if you put in a bit of groundwork and plan what to wear to meet the occasion.


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