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Yours App Review - Mindfulness for Anxiety and Relaxation

Yours App Review

When I was first introduced to Yours App, I was hesitant to download it. Not because it didn’t seem interesting, but because I have so many apps on my phone, I wasn’t sure I wanted another one. Read on to see why I’m glad I did. I have always had an interest in mindfulness and spirituality (including meditation), and Yours App, provides a huge range of wellbeing coaching, beautiful music, and meditations. As well, the app has a mood tracker and breathing clocks (explained more later), as well as a section to combat anxiety, psychology, and sleep tools.

Yours App Review

I have been approached to write a piece and promote Yours App, and I rarely work with affiliates these days, so I gave it some thought. I downloaded the app and it is staying on my phone! I love it! Apart from the tools that this app provides all in one place, the pricing is competitive and if you decide to purchase Yours App, please use this code DEB55 to claim either 55% off the yearly subscription or 10% if you want to pay monthly and cancel anytime (at time of writing, the app costs $60 per annum and $10 per month), so that’s a huge savings for the first year.

How Yours App Works

Yours App is an interactive program that curates material created for the user. When you first open the app, a series of questions will be presented to you, and you can choose from a variety of wellness-related topics to personalise your experience. By doing this, you can avoid wasting time surfing for films and sounds that are uninteresting to you. YoursApp offers a beautiful online retreat where you can spend guilt-free time for yourself with specifically crafted meditation patterns, sleep stories, yoga activities, soundtracks, and more. The app's features are outstanding, especially the audio and video quality.

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Key Features of YoursApp

Advice & Psychology

The app's creator teamed up with psychologists and mental health specialists who offer advice in quick videos (vlogs) on subjects including relationships, stress, and sleep. Yours App curates the most recent information about research, news, and analysis linked to mental health. The contributors provide daily living advice as well as interesting subjects to talk about and share with friends and family. Some topics on my tailored app are:

  • Understand your mind

  • Building relationships

  • Stress SOS

  • Life after COVID19

  • Quality sleep

All delivered in soothing and caring videos.

Yours app review

Breathing Clocks

This section of the app is one of my favourites. You only need a few minutes to stop and choose one of the breathing techniques that is timed to inhale, hold, and exhale. Along with soothing music, chimes, and faint nature sounds, the breathing techniques have an instant calming effect.

The breathing clocks are a wonderful tool for increasing focus, relaxation, and physical vigour. These seven breathing exercises are timed and have features to control length and intensity. Sometimes, especially in stressful situations, we need to take a step back and consider our breathing patterns. The breathing clock indicates when to inhale, hold your breath, and exhale. These short breath workouts are beneficial to perform once or twice a day or whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

Mood Assessment

The software generates a list of suggestions based on your input for the day's mood, including workouts, meditation techniques, stories, tips, music, and more. This feature is your nonjudgmental friend who you can rely on and learn from without confiding in anyone else. Not that I’m a great fan of AI, but I do see a benefit in recording your moods. If my mood isn’t quite my usual happy self, it is an honest way to look at my feelings and decide how I can improve.

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Family Friendly

I can’t think of a more wonderful gift to teach your children than how to deal with stress by meditation and breathing. The program includes meditations for a variety of moods and objectives, and it includes meditations created specifically for teenagers, kids, and expectant or new mothers. Additionally, it includes a number of methods, including visualisation, movement meditation, and breathing exercises.


With the use of storytelling, meditation techniques, music, ambient soundscapes, nature sounds, and ASMR, this wellness app offers ways to promote better sleep. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I find that if I meditate I do get the same benefits as sleeping. I often wake up in the night, and if my mind is rushing, listening to a sleep meditation has huge benefits for me.

Courses on Mindfulness and Meditation

The meditation section of this program, which was made to assist you in managing anxiety and reducing stress, is one of its most outstanding features. It contains many hours of yoga and meditation instruction from experienced yogis. You can thus engage in a variety of techniques to lower stress and anxiety and enhance sleep. I use meditation if I wake up during the night and I can’t get back to sleep. I then relax and fall back asleep. The programs last between 10 and 30 minutes.

In a recent meditation (not from this app) I found myself in a place of pure tranquillity and I felt my body melt into the oneness of the Universe. I’ll write about that in another post. Meditation is a powerful tool and when you practice meditating, you open yourself up to a new world of amazing wellbeing benefits.

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We frequently have a tendency to overlook physical health when discussing mental health. They do, however, go hand in hand. The Yours app contains a library of hundreds of hours of yoga and easy fitness videos to help you relax and refresh your body.

Sounds and Music

There is a wide variety of calming music available in the music area, including piano, ASMR, atmospheres, binaural, calming, and even classical piano. The function offers music recommendations for children, work and study, exercise, meditation, and sleep.

Access hours of sleep stories to beat insomnia and fall asleep more quickly every night. Positive stories about travel, mental health, fairy tales and fantasy, classic classics, body image, and LGBT+ topics are also available to listen to.

The Yours App is available on Google Play or Apple here



Yours App is a fantastic tool to help keep us focused, calm and relaxed in times of high stress. Let’s face it, the last few years on Planet Earth have not been easy and many of us have suffered in some way or another. Having an app like YoursApp on your phone is an affordable companion to help you through tough days. I’m totally convinced this app has a big future.

For more positivity please visit my website Upbeat and Positive.

Sydney Chic is a marketing affiliate, so any purchases you make through the links do result in a small financial benefit (commission) for us. But using our site to shop doesn't cost you more. We only select our favourite pieces and make recommendations. Your assistance helps produce more content. Enjoy your app. Please use the code DEB55 to claim your discount after your free seven day trial.


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