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Sydney Lifestyle

Welcome to "Sydney Chic Living" - where style, culture, and the vibrant heartbeat of Sydney come together to create an irresistible lifestyle blog. If you're seeking an escape into the chic and sophisticated world of Australia's iconic city, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

Join us as we explore the hidden gems of Sydney's bustling streets, from trendy cafes and high-end boutiques to cultural events that ignite the city's spirit. Our blog is your key to unlocking the essence of Sydney's cosmopolitan lifestyle, where the old-world charm meets modern elegance.

things to do in sydney
Sydney Travel Stories


Sydney is a booming city with many visitors from around the globe and we showcase tourism attractions in Sydney along with other wonderful places to travel in Australia and overseas. 

Check out our travel page for more information on hotels and destinations. 

For a list of great things to do in Sydney scroll down to the bottom of the page for the more popular attractions. 



Want to know how to make a chic apartment on a budget? The benefits of Matcha tea? 

Maybe you would like to learn:

  • How to be a digital nomad?

  • Who pays the Valentines bill?

  • What's the best baby carseat to buy?

  • How to check out your credit rating?

  • The pros and cons of being self-employed?

  • Ways to increase the life cycle of your clothes?

  • What restaurants to visit in Sydney?

We cover it all here on Sydney Chic.

sydney opera house


One of our major contributors is Ron Lee, CSP and NIDA trained. 


Ron has been a theatre reviewer for over 30 years. He gives honest reviews.


So if you love live shows and theatre subscribe to our newsletter to find out what Ron has to say!

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