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10 Home Design Trends to Try in 2021

Home design trends are always changing, so it can be hard to stay on top of the trends right now. We have compiled a list of ten home design trends that are popular in 2021. No matter what your personal taste, there will be something here that you can use to spice up your home.

When choosing your home décor and design, it is important to consider your purpose for it. If you are planning to dress your home up in order to sell, sticking to neutral but modern designs will be best.

interior trends

1. Eye-Popping Colours Will Accent Home Décor in 2021

There’s no denying that colours make us feel more positive. bright and cheerful hues will be dominating our living spaces. Creating an accent wall with a pop of colour, floral upholstery or even an eye-catching piece of art will break up the otherwise monotonous room settings.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. After all, your home is an extension of yourself, so why not reflect your personal style and colour preferences.

2. Mix Up Stripes with Squares

Every fine home décor will include a mix and match of patterns and colours to expand its design capabilities.

You can liven up your bedroom by using today’s popular colours to balance striped walls with square bed comforters or reverse patterns and set stripe comforters in a room with squares tattooing the walls. To best complement these classic styles, you will need the right proportion and balance. This is essential, otherwise the patterns will dominate the area or be overwhelming to the eye.

Interior trends 2021

3. Light On

We all love natural light. Removing heavy curtains, hang blinds or sheer curtains in certain areas can greatly maximise the space as long as it’s done strategically. In any case, creative natural lighting is a sure way to showcase your home as well as adding your personal style. Just be sure you keep certain rooms private!

4. Save Space

Flexible working hours have become a staple part of workplace culture. In turn, there is a rise in demand for flexible spaces which can be maximised for comfort and productivity. As such, it’s a great idea to double your space for work and study purposes.

You will want to organise the space so you can fit an ergonomically designed chair, proper but soft lighting, and attractive backgrounds for those many zoom meetings, and a folding chair to relax in after the streaming business meetings are done.

5. Harnessing Nature

The biggest impact of being locked up in our homes is that we lose touch with nature and open spaces. With no access to parks, gardens, etc. In 2021 one of the top interior décor trends will be people creating their own green spaces.

People will plant gardens on their balconies, windowsills, and every place where light enters the home in abundance. With numerous benefits it connects people with nature and livens up the interior of the home. It’s also a great way to create more colour into the home.

Home Design Trends

6. Plant Parenthood

Inviting all kinds of plants from ferns to succulents into the home is a great way to increase your home's aesthetic. It also makes your home space healthier as plants release oxygen into the air. They are also excellent mood boosters.

7. A Sculptural Home Décor

In 2021 people's homes will return to the ancient Rome and Athens city settings. Meaning that people are putting shapely and sculptural furniture pieces in otherwise bland and neutral room settings. Place some sculptural pieces on windowsills or a glass cabinet in a place that gets plenty of natural light. You can take your home décor to another level by strategically placing shapely and sculptural pieces in your rooms.

home technology

8. Technology is the New King

Revolutionising home spaces with smart devices and more affordable access to the internet which will greatly change the home décor world. People will get new devices to place throughout their homes such as robotic vacuum cleaners, gadgets controlled through voice commands/ remote settings. Keep a lookout for Alexa-type devices to dramatically increase the appeal of your home in 2021.

9. Formal Home Décor a Thing of the Past

The need for simplistic, functional, and adaptable spaces are prioritising over the norm of high maintenance spaces. décor has taken a change and will continue into 2021. People are replacing rarely used formal dining tables with functional modern dining tables. Tables that double as work and study centres that can also be used as hang-out places. Flexible & multi- purpose is key for 2021

10. Minimalist Movement

These days people are moving toward minimalist home décor. In 2021 people will use more recyclable earthly colours with monochromes to set the décor in their interior living spaces. They will decorate their homes in more natural tones with materials that are sustainable and recyclable not only hitting the trend but a responsible choice in creating spaces to last due to the pandemic shortages.

When selling your home, improving your interior design can be greatly beneficial by building the appeal of the property. Clean and modern décor will appeal to the most buyers and increase your chances of selling quickly.

Before you sell, make sure to hire a professional valuation service to provide you with the accurate value of your property. This will assist you with making decisions regarding the sale, and ensure you are paying the right amount for any property sale related fees and taxes.

As your property is an expensive asset, you want to ensure you are making informed choices regarding the sale. Visit our website for experienced and accurate services, a great source of advice and property related knowledge.


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Adam Smith is an expert property valuer with decades of experience working within the Adelaide real estate market. With his specialised skill set in large scale Commercial and Industrial property valuations, Adam is dedicated to sharing his knowledge by engaging in industry education at conferences and seminars. Adam is a Certified Practicing Valuer and an Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute (API).


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