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Rejuvenate Your Garden Space: 4 of the Best Methods

green garden

A garden space can suffer over time due to lack of upkeep. In the modern day, we all feel like there's very little time, which means that many aspects of our lives can ultimately be neglected, such as gardening. If you are short on time, here are some tips for simple ways to rejuvenate your garden space. These methods can make a whole heap of difference! 

Defining Distinct Zones

Creating distinct zones within the garden using pathways, hedges, or elevation changes can add structure while allowing for different planting styles in each area. Defining zones doesn't take much time as long as you know exactly what to do with them. You can easily lay down easy-to-roll turf and utilise professional pavers to lay down some hardscaping elements to provide certain edges while unifying the overall aesthetic. When you start to create different zones, this makes for an interesting-looking space while also providing visual anchors.

banana leaves

Layering Plants

Plants varying in heights, features, and bloom times can all work together to create amazing synchronicity, providing visual depth and interest. You can use a whole heap of amazing plants, including a fantastic collection of tropical and subtropical plants such as the Shrimp Plant, Princess Flower, and Red Trunk, as well as native Australian plants that thrive in Sydney Gardens, such as coastal rosemary and kangaroo paw. 

It's also worth considering drought-tolerant plants, including the mirror plant, the African Lily, and the New Zealand Christmas Bush. Mixing native plants with exotic subtropical ones can create a lush and colourful garden.

Enhance the Soil Quality

It can take an afternoon to incorporate organic matter into the soil, revitalising it for healthier plant growth. Compost or manure are excellent approaches, but you can also start thinking about making your own compost by getting a compost bin and putting all of your food scraps in there. A lawn can only grow as well as the nutrients we provide it! 

Additionally, remove weeds and clear away any debris or overgrown areas. This can reveal the true potential of the garden space and, therefore, offer a clean slate for further upgrades and enhancements. Wood chips and pine bark mulch are great choices for suppressing weeds while also regulating soil temperature and retaining moisture.

garden features

Add Garden Features

Visual interest is critical, and while you can benefit from landscaping services, consider water features, pathways, or ornaments that can create distinctive zones within your garden while making it look far more appealing. A water feature or a sculpture is a convenient way to establish a focal point. 

When you prioritise visual appeal, your garden will feel harmonious and ultimately well-planned. This means that there's a lot less upkeep. It can certainly take a bit of effort, which many people feel they don't have the time for; however, a little bit of work upfront and minimal upkeep over time ensure you can create a vibrant and striking garden.


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