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Zigis Craft Beer Tasting

Things to do in Sydney | Beer tasting

Saturday 26th October, starting at 6:00 pm, come celebrate Local Hand-Crafted Beers at ZIGI’S Art Wine Cheese Bar. In collaboration with St Peters Brewery, taste your way through 5 local craft beers full of surprises. Come join the owner producer Matt Donelon as he guides you through 5 different beers, their history and process of creation. Green Star Lager, Chippendale Strong Ale, Chili Chocolate Stout, Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale, Alcoholic Ginger Beer ... these 5 Beers will amaze you by their freshness & unique taste. Last but not least, Chef Zigi Ozeri will cook delicious Ausraeli dishes for you to enjoy with the Beers. Gain knowledge while eating, drinking and having fun! Good beer, good food, unique atmosphere! Bookings essential.

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