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Art Wine and Cheese Bar

Things to do in Sydney | Visit ZIGI

Posted by Deb Carr

We rate Zigi's Art WIne and Cheese Bar as outstanding.

Chef Zigi welcomes everyone to this hidden gem in Chippendale. Pictured here, I took a photo of Chef Zigi preparing some cheese for me to take home!

Zigi’s wine and cheese bar is a quaint, rustic restaurant/ winecheese bar specializing in a vast selection of wine and cheese from all over the world.

Currently opened on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm to midninght. Zigi’s boasts a unique dining experience and a delightful atmosphere unlike any other.

Rated as one of our favourite places to hangout on a week-end afternoon or for an evening with friends.

We know where we are holding a Christmas Party for our clients this year!

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