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Spanish Wine Tasting

Thins to do in Sydney | Spanish wine tasting


On November 22nd, let your taste buds be amazed by 4 Spanish wines and an impressive selection of Spanish food!

In collaboration with Cuttings wine, we will make you taste 4 delicious Spanish wines hand made by artisan winemakers who are leaders in their region. The joint-director Justin Walters will guide you through their history and process of creation.

To make the most of your Spanish sensory journey, you will enjoy a wide selection of exquisite local dishes cooked by Chef Zigi Ozeri! Paella, Chorizo, Fried Mackerels, Garlic Prawns, Marinated Peppers..(and a lot more).. an explosion of Spanish flavours!

Wines, food, fun!


We are Epicures, loving Wine, Food and Art… Aren’t you ?

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