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In search of Mario's replacement

Review by Deb Carr

Rating 5/5

You know what it's like, you have been with your hairdresser forever and he/she knows exactly how you like your hair styled. You never walk out of the salon disappointed until one day, your hairdresser or you move away and the relationship comes to a sad end. Sigh!!!!!! So it was with me and Mario who had styled my hair for years.

Then the journey began. Salon after salon, I tried to find my new cutter but each one just couldn't get it right and I despaired at finding my replacement for Mario. We are talking two years here.

Then, when I moved to my new neighbourhood (Darlinghurst NSW), I started to walk past this really cool looking salon called Ziggy's. Hmmm looks great but it does say it's a barber salon which made me wonder if that meant they were really good at cutting mens hair but not so good at womens. Every time I walked by I asked wondered if I should give it a try, after all the place really looks like fun if nothing else.

So I did.

Then I met Frazer (pictured) who cut my hair.

Then I went back and will continue to go back.

Frazer listened to me! He took his time in cutting my hair and he concentrated. On the second cut he challenged me to go to 'pixie' which I did and love.

Ziggy's Barber Salon is relaxed, interesting and affordable. Yes! Affordable! I also was introduced to a new styling product by Frazer which has let me dump all the gels and copious amounts of hairspray because I don't need them anymore.

Here is a little bit more about


183 Riley Street Darlinghurst (off Oxford St)

Phone 02 9267 0057

Ziggy’s Barber Salon is best described as a Modern Old School Barber Shop (for ladies and gents) with a creative twist. We are committed to offering affordable cutting edge fashion forward haircuts but are always happy to buzz your head or give you an old school cut-throat razor shave.

Our staff have an array of strengths and skills, some specialise in colour, some provide over the edge funky cuts with astute precision while others prefer classic barbering techniques or are striving for editorial tear sheets.The beauty of this eclectic mix of hand selected crew is that we all want to learn from each other, challenge each other and nurture each others talents so we can offer outstanding services to our clients and grow as individuals both personally and professionally. We want to be setting trends not following them. The employment strategy at Ziggy’s Barber Salon is simple. You’ve got to be talented, funky and friendly to work with us!

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