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Skincare for Her, Him and Baby

Reviewed by Deb Carr

Rated 5/5

I've been reviewing GAIA skincare for a couple of weeks now and I'm loving the products. The smells are intoxicating, the products feel beautiful and I love that they are natural, organic and have not been tested on any animal.

The foaming cleanser has left my skin feeling crystal clear and when followed by the refreshing toner I really feel like I'm glowing. I've also been using the facial moisturiser which is light and feels very silky, it's also very easy to apply and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily. For the rest of my skin I've been using the body wash which I adore, followed by the moisturiser.

Gaia also produce a range of baby products and special products for pregnant mums to help prevent stretching of the skin. As I've been there and done that with the babies and luckily never experienced stretch marks, I decided to trial the belly oil and belly butter on the drier parts of my skin i.e. neck and hands and I must say I've seen an improvement.

The range of GAIA "Made for Men" have been sent to our blogger, Arrnott Olssen to give his feedback so stay tuned for that.

These products were created by Michelle Vogrinec who was frustrated at the lack of suitable natural products available. To recap: the products are free from soap, sulphates, artificial fragrance, paraben preservatives, propylene gylcol, lanolin, mineral oils, petrochemicals and animal ingredients.

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