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FebFast promoting healthy lifestyle | Time out from alcohol, sugar, caffeine & digital screens

Bars to cash in on ‘sober dollar’ this February thanks to FebFast partnership

Over 50 bars, cafés and restaurants across Sydney and Melbourne, including The Roosevelt, The Prahan Hotel, Vue De Monde and Lobo Plantation, have signed on to support FebFast, to encourage participants to get out and about while taking time out from alcohol, sugar, caffeine and digital screens for 28 days.

More bars than ever before have agreed to be FebFast Friendly venues and offer interesting, non-alcoholic, sugar-free and caffeine-free alternatives, to encourage FebFasters to head out during February.

Last year, participants saved approximately $147* during February, money usually spent in bars and pubs. FebFast Friendly venues will have the opportunity to reclaim that revenue and attract the ‘sober dollar’ as part of their involvement in the annual fundraising campaign.

National Director, Howard Ralley, said there has been a significant shift in the hospitality industry’s support of organisations such as FebFast and it’s a positive step forward towards safer nights out, fewer hangovers and ultimately healthier lifestyles.

“People often assume bars are our enemy and vice versa. This not the case; we want people to go out with friends, have a great time and see what it is like to have a night out without needing to have a beer. By offering a decent non-alcoholic drink bars can retain customers and the sober dollar.”

Venues have pledged to offer anything but the typical mocktail, with bars such as The Roosevelt in Sydney serving up a FebFast Martini - grapefruit, citrus and pomegranate thrown with liquid nitrogen for a super cold and refreshing libation, finished with a lemon oil mist.

FebFast has also partnered with Shout to allow friends to ‘Shout a Softie’. People can Shout (donate) the value of a soft drink to FebFast via the Shout App at participating bars and receive a free non-alcoholic beverage in exchange for their donation.

FebFast Friendly venues will also offer sugar free and caffeine free alternatives to make dining out easy for participants, replacing sweet favourites with delicious, healthy alternatives.

Andy Mullins, part-owner of Sand Hill Road, consisting of a number of iconic Melbourne pubs, including Richmond Club Hotel, Holliava, Prahran Hotel and Bridge Hotel, said he and his partners have always appreciated that a break from the beers has never had to mean a break from Friday socialising.

“We’ve been supporting Feb Fast for the past couple of years. Last year we donated $10,000 to the cause, and we were proud to do so! Our pubs have always been about socialising with family and friends. You can do that with a lemon, lime and bitters just as easily as with a beer or a glass of champagne. We are really proud to be a part of the Feb Fast story, and we are also very supportive of where the FebFast funds are applied.”

A full list of participating venues can be found at The website will also include a number of free events for FebFasters to take part in during February, including free gym passes to Fernwood Fitness and free running clubs with FebFast Ambassador Tristan Miller – best known as the marathon man who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks.

This is the first year FebFast is extending its 28 day alcohol-free challenge to include the choice to take a break from sugar, caffeine or digital overload (time spent in the evening with the TV, social media, computer and tablet) for the month of February, to raise money for young people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

To register for FebFast, visit

*Survey of 1108 participants conducted March 2013. Median amount saved by research participants. The average amount saved by each participant ($147) multiplied by the number of participants equals a total of $914, 781.

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