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Simmone Logue

A contemporary twist to wholesome, traditional comfort style foods has been the secret recipe to success for Simmone Logue – one of Australia’s favourite lovers of all things food.

Inspired by her Nanna’s love for cooking and her collection of tried and perfected family recipes, today Simmone continues to enhance her reputation by following Nanna’s tradition of using only the finest Artisan style ingredients where a passionate attention to detail is deserving of only the best locally sourced, seasonal farm grown produce.

From wonderful savoury indulgences to her renowned cakes and desserts, this unique approach results in a range of products that are 100% natural and preservative free to ensure each and every one of her clients receives only the highest quality standard foods.

With a reputation built around a simple ideal, ‘to place beautiful and delicious food on every table’, Simmone has further extended her reputation into the in-flight catering sector where her passion for food truly takes flight, ‘to take beautiful food where you least expect it!’

In her state of the art kitchens in Sydney’s Marrickville, Simmone partners with a 60 strong team of chefs and catering professionals whose skills are as diverse as they are cultural. To Simmone it’s the source of inspiration that continues to evolve the Simmone Logue range that caters to all occasions, budgets and tastes for the world’s greatest airlines and Australia’s most respected supermarket, department store and specialist retailer brands.

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