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5 winter warmers you’ll be happy to share the couch with

The cold has dug its claws into Sydney and all you want to do is throw on the TV and some trackies, burrow into the couch and sleep until spring. Because you should never hibernate on an empty stomach, here are 5 comforting belly warmers from across the globe – and the restaurants that will brave the chill and bring them straight to you.

Meat, crumbed and fried, served on a fluffy mound of mashed potato. This is why the Germans are the undisputed masters of comfort food.

2. Laksa

Is it a curry? Is it a soup? Who cares? It’s creamy and noodly and delicious.

It’s a childhood classic that none of us ever really outgrow. Best served buried under an avalanche of parmesan cheese.

Fun fact: josh is the Persian word for “intensity”. This rich, fragrant stew is perfect for bringing the heat on a frosty night.

Did you know that you burn more calories when it’s cold? There’s your excuse (as if you needed one) to devour this piece of sweet, starchy perfection all by yourself.

Where to order: Miss Chu, Darlinghurst

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