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Now you can tailor-make your own skin care

Recognising that not everyone has the same type of skin, Terry White Chemists have launched a global first....Bespoque!

Bespoque enables customers to tailor-make their own skin care product based on their personal preferences and skin concerns.

This revolutionary process also enables you to adjust what is in your cream as your skin's requirements change throughout seasons and years.

The Bespoque interactive display assists you to design your own skin care formula guiding you through the journey. With almost half a million possible combinations this truly is a bespoke product.

Once the forumula is selected, the next step is to name the product and choose a colour for the label.

As you can see by the Sydney Chic cream pictured.

Editor's Note: I had a lot of fun choosing the ingredients for my jar of Bespoque and the cream is absolutely perfect for my skin, it literally feels like it's made just for me.

Price range from $36.96 to $69.95 for a 50ml jar and available at selected Terry White Chemists stores nationally.

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