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Cows might be on the wall but that doesn't stop me visiting every day!

by Deb Carr

sydney cafes

I have a confession to make! When I find a good barista I become obsessed! That's because I have only found a handful of really good baristas in Sydney. So when I discovered my local cafe, Swiss Bakerz I was thrilled to be able to find such perfect coffee. Leon, who is the Barista on week days, can actually make a soy cap to perfection! Pedro, who is the barista on the week-end does a great job too.

So that sorts out the coffee! Now on to the bread, pastries and cakes. For someone who is gluten-free for health reasons, it is torture to walk into a bakery like this and take in the smells of freshly baked bread, sausage rolls, cakes and many treats. I know for a fact they make the most delicious bacon and egg rolls because my daughter who is the B&E Roll expert loves them. And on occasion, when I have broken my diet (tut! tut!) I can say I"ve ever had better!

I really enjoy heading up to Bakerz every morning and chatting to the staff. A big shout out to Wilson who takes the orders each morning....exceptional customer service and always has a big smile.

Oh the cows on the wall! Yes .....big red and white cows adorn the walls...very unique! Very Swiss.

Visit Martin Ludi's, Swiss Bakerz

101 Oxford Street

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

02 9361 5643

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