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Stand out from the crowd! New technology in marketing.

A Sydney Chic Promotion

Stand out from the Crowd! Make your product launch memorable.

We have come across some amazing technology that impressed us so much we wanted to share it with everyone.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? With so much information buzzing around us all the time, especially online, what can you do to make a lasting impression? It is simple; give your “A List” a video brochure.

Video Brochures are especially useful for

  • Educational tool

  • Virtual tours

  • Top end invitations

  • Training aids

  • Company profiles and presentations

  • Product launches and demonstrations

The video brochure which combines high quality marketing video with your printed marketing in one easy message presentation, enables the viewer to get a comprehensive presentation of the product you are promoting.

With a thin profile, vibrant LCD screen with crystal clear audio–all in a single fold out booklet unit, a video brochure will tell a story the way you want it, engaging the viewer’s sight, hearing and emotion.

To find out more about Video Brochures contact us

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