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Sydney Escapes | Have you thought of visiting Chile? By Deb Carr

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Last night I attended a Chile networking drinks reception at Centennial Park Dinning, as the South American country comes to Sydney. This was a great opportunity for bloggers, journalists and travel writers to meet Australian wholesalers, tour operators and Chilean businesses to network and discuss how Chile can be better promoted as a travel destination.

The venue is beautiful and being surrounded by the Parklands is a such a bonus! Our event started at 5.00pm and it was still light so I enjoyed being surrounded by the greenery. As the night fell upon us, there was almost a feeling of being at an outdoor party on a country property.

I met two other writers whilst there and Michael Osborne, Publisher and Editor of and the fabulous Lorraine Elliott, Editor of - two blogs I highly recommend you visit.

We experienced some fabulous food and wine. Slow cooked lamb was the main event! I am a gluten-free person for health reasons however, could not resist the temptation and did break my diet to try the Beef Empanadas. #YUM. I also couldn’t resist the Pisco Sour traditional Chile drink. This was my first taste of this cocktail and I think I’m officially hooked!

The night was filled with lots of colour and music as we watched traditional Chilean dancing. I have always found Chileans to be very hospitable and friendly and that was certainly the atmosphere at this party last night.

Chile is now on my ‘must places to visit’ list.

More information:

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Pebre is a traditional Chilean recipe that is eaten with soups, meats or with bread.


3 Tomatoes

½ Onion

1 bunch of Cilantro (coriander)

2 Green Chilies

1 Clove Garlic

2 Green Onion Bulbs

Oil and Salt

Chop all ingredients (onion finely sliced), mix with oil and salt and serve in a clay pot with sliced bread.



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