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Brothers, Angels & Demons: We chatted to John Brewster from The Angels | Brewster Brothers

Brothers, Angels & Demons

There are few stories in the Australian music industry more interesting and diverse than that of Rick and John Brewster, the founding musicians behind rock legends The Angels. Just for something a little different, Brewster Brothers are sharing the good bits, the bad bits and everything in between in a rather unique show; Brothers, Angels and Demons.

Having performed this incredible show as part of Adelaide Cabaret Festival a few years back and earning great acclaim, the time is right to share with audiences the other side of two of the most successful and influential songwriters Australia has ever seen.

Brothers, Angels and Demons are hitting the road! This special show also features two generations of Brewsters, with John’s sons – Sam Brewster [bass], Tom Brewster [drums] and Harry Brewster [guitar] – joining Rick and John onstage for this special trip through music history.

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