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Restaurant Recommendation: Dumplings and Beer, Potts Point.

Photo: Instagram

When I first moved into the Potts Point area I was delighted to discover a little restaurant called Dumplings and Beer very close to where I live.

I couldn't resist going inside and checking out the menu and premises and, as is very typical of me, started to chat with the owners who I discovered are delightful friendly people. I think the picture above shows the friendliness of this team. I have now become a regular and not just for the convenience - it really is because the food is great and reasonably priced.

The menu isn't extensive (see below) and I actually like that. The food is very very tasty, and judging by the people lining up at the door, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The winner though is the Crackling Pork Belly Sliders which I am sure will become famous!

Photo: Instagram

I often hear noise coming from happy diners having a lovely time at Dumplings and Beer and because the venue is quite small I suggest you get there early, there is also limited seating upstairs where I took the photo at the top of this post.

For me it's great value with friendly service and very clean.

9 Ward Avenue Potts point



• Vegetable

• Roast Duck

• BBQ Pork


• Pan Fried Pork & Cabbage Dumplings

• Steamed Pork & Prawn Dim Sum

• Scallops & Chives Dim Sum

• Steamed Dumplings with soup inside

(Siao Lung Bao)


• Steamed Vegetable Gow Gee

• Prawn and Chives Gow Gee

• Steamed Mushroom Gow Gee


• Crackling Pork Belly Sliders

• Duck Wrap

• Eggplant & Tofu Wrap

• Bok Choy with Garlic

• Broccoli with Hoisin Sauce


Lord Nelson 3 Sheets


Southern Pale Ale

Tsingtoa Beer

Coopers Artisan Reserve

Warsteiner Pilsner

Konig Weissbeer

Konig Dunkel

Bellerose Blanc


Chimay Doree

House Special

BYOG / $5 Corkage per bottle of wine

Disclaimer: All meals of been paid for this is not a sponsored post

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