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Friggitoria: Italian Street Food

Best Restaurants in Sydney

I adore Italian food and was very excited to see a new restaurant open up in Potts Point called Friggitoria. Friggitoria specializes in Italian Street food for eating in or takeaway.

Chef Flavio and his business partner, Simoni serve delicious ready to go food that tastes great. My favourite is the Araninci $7.95 which is a cone shape and filled with rice, Bolognese and peas. Seriously it is my standby takeaway! One Arancini is a meal for me and I’m lucky to be able to finish it.

I’m a huge fan of calamari if it is cooked properly. I’m pleased to say that this crispy Semolina floured fried calamari is cooked to perfection, served with a generous sized sale or chips $18.95.

Speaking of the salads, just green leaf tossed in olive oil and salt. Nothing fancy and the salt adds flavor.

Other little treats are Zeppole, paper cone filled with deep fried soft dough; Gemberi -Beer and Fennel buttered King Prawns; Pizza Fritta typical of Naples very soft deep fried pizza dough served with cherry tomatoes, sauce and parmesan; Polpette – South Italian meatballs and much more.

The restaurant has a crisp clean décor.

Definitely worth calling in and try out the Arancini ball and some of the other food, it’s really something!

Shop 6, 12 Bayswater Road Potts Point

8540 4357

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