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Best Restaurants in Sydney: Bertoni Ristorante & Bar

I was invited to lunch at Bertoni Ristorante & Bar in Sydney CBD. I already knew that this was one of the best restaurants in Sydney, from fellow bloggers, so I was eager to come down and try myself. FYI I actually prefer to do the restaurant reviews alone, rather than bring someone with me as I prefer to focus on what I'm doing.

When Chef Naomi came to say hello, she told me to “relax and enjoy, we want people to feel at home here”, and that proved to be spot on, as you will read further down.

The service was great at Bertoni; with happy staff who know what they are doing.

So now down to business; let’s talk food!

To start, I chose a glass of Famiglia Pasqua NV, Brut Treviso, IT 10.

My fist sip knocked me back because it was so different than what I’m used to, and, I have to say, I loved it. Crisp, dry and fruity…I would definitely have it again.

Next was bread, with a very tasty olive oil and rock salt. I knew we were off to a good start as the olive oil is one of my most favourite flavours when it's high quality.

Quattro formaggi stuffed zucchini flowers 18 (pictured top)

Is this dish actually legal? I mean, anything this good, surely is banned for consumption? Naomi told me this dish was a crowd pleaser, and she is 100% spot on. The stuffing (bitey cheese) in these lightly floured, and crispy baby zucchini, was a tastebud explosion. The crisp little stalks gave that “crunch” like a little burst of freshness, despite being cooked.

Now back to the kitchen. Naomi, runs a tight ship. There is no panic, everyone seems to know what they are doing and it is a total team effort. I even spotted Naomi delivering a dish to a table because the other staff were busy. A couple of times she called out to me across the bench, and that’s when I felt I was at home. Relaxed…all good, just enjoy the food and ambience.

Potato gnocchi w/funghi misti, tallegio and truffle 23

My regular readers know that I’m not big on truffle. I ordered this dish because Chef Naomi told me, that it too, was a crowd pleaser. When it arrived all I could think to myself was “OMG”. I can honestly say it’s the best gnocchi I’ve ever had as you can see in my Instagram post pictured below and above. There is no egg added to this gnocchi, which gives it a real lightness. I can best describe this as ‘rich and delicate’ and the funghi looked like flower petals, so thin and elegant. I understand why the truffle was added, it gave it something extraordinary. I like truffle now.

Wild Barramundi, roasted pumpkin pure with fennel (Fish of the Day).

With this beautiful dish I enjoyed a glass of White Haven 2012, Marlborough, NZ 13. A beautiful crisp, light wine that complemented this fish perfectly.

This was a fabulous main with my favourite fish sitting on a bed of roasted pumpkin puree and sautéed fennel. The fish was cooked just like I like it; it gently fell apart with my fork. A great combination of flavours, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And just when you think it can’t get any better……

Red wine poached pear, pistachio, vanilla gelato and honeycomb 12

I really didn’t think I could eat anything else, however my waiter suggested I should try this dish. It was amazing. To me, it was like a poached pear in mulled wine. I love mulled wine and I think it’s one of the best winter treats to have. Along with the melting gelato and the crispy honeycomb, I can tell you this dessert won me over!

I loved this restaurant. I think the staff are fabulous, it’s relaxed, welcoming and the food is sensational.

I’m coming back. Thank you Bertoni.

Twitter: Bertoni

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of the restaurant and I dined alone by choice. Thank you Bertoni.

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