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There's nothing complicated about ordering wine from these guys!

I have a confession to make. As much as I love wine, I know very little about it. All I know is I love French Champagne, Shiraz and Pinot Grigio. Now I’ve discovered a little tool that will fix that problem for me, and I’m about to have my very own wine education. Actually, it’s not really a tool it’s a fabulous website and it makes choosing wine so easy. You can choose your wine by drop down menus:

  • Food

  • Mood

  • Taste

  • Season

It’s that simple; even I could pretend to know what I’m talking about now when it comes to ordering wine after looking through this site.

You can order online and it’s not complicated because they only sell 20 types of wine. One bottle for each type. The Wine Gallery only stock exceptional wines and replace each wine with Banjo's next selection once they sell out. Banjo by the way is Banjo Harris Plane, and trust me, he knows a thing or two about wine. Read More.

Banjo picks the best bottle from around the world that he can get his hands on... within a $20-25 price range. And he matches it to your food, mood, tastes or the season.

You won't find the wines in your local bottle shop. Banjo gets his wine from the little guys - from winemakers that normally only make wine in small batches.

What’s even more unique about this business is that all the bottles are the same price i.e. $25 when buying 1-3 bottles. $22 when buying 4-11 bottles. $20 when buying 12 or more bottles.

Ordering: 1-2 hour delivery in inner Sydney. 1-4 business day delivery Australia wide. Free shipping on orders over $150. All other orders have a flat $9 shipping fee.

Well done Banjo and Tom!

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