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Attention all gentlemen! gentSac has taken the hassle out of shopping

Photos Supplied: Shoot took place at the Cauliflower Hotel Sydney

Attention all gentlemen! gentSac has taken the hassle out of shopping by offering a subscription based service for the essential items that gents require in day-to-day life. Essential grooming items such as underwear, socks, grooming and personal hygiene products can now be purchased online and delivered right to your doorstep.

The specially designed sacks are filled with premium products making it easy for gentlemen to look and feel their best all year round. For orders over $99 there is free postage and a further 10% off additional products for subscribers, gentSac also acts as your personal grooming expert, keeping you updated with new, innovative, sophisticated brands and demonstrates how they can enhance your lifestyle.

Consisting of Active, Lifestyle, Endurance, Corporate, Essentials and Classic collections, each sac features only what you require to cover your essential rituals including shave cream, face moisturiser, toothpaste, deodorant, body soap, a pair of underwear and socks or you can custom create your own sac.

Australian brands like Jack the Snipper, Mosmann and Appelles, as well as well-known international products from every corner of the globe are included in the sac. You can also customise the delivery of your sac, so it arrives at regular intervals as often as you like, delivering your high quality products to your home or office within five business days.

gentSac subscriptions begin from $179

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